"Put pressure on Georgia, on these bastards" - Andranik Migranian can no longer hide his hatred towards Georgians

31.10.22 14:00

Andranik Migranian, Russian political scientist, professor at the MGIMO, member of the first and second public chamber of the Russian Federation, can no longer hide his hatred towards Georgia and the Georgian people, directly calls Georgians "beasts" and calls for their "crushing". His demand today is one - Georgia should open transit for Armenia through the occupied Abkhazia:



Famous Russian journalist Maxim Shevchenko reacted to the speech of Andranik Migranian and reminded him what role his compatriots played in the tragedy of the Georgian population of Abkhazia:



Maxim Shevchenko answers Andranik Migranian's factual question as to why, they say, the Georgians are not opening the railway through Abkhazia with rhetorical questions:


 "And what about Baghramyan's battalion, which played a key role in the defeat of the Georgian army during the Abkhazian war of 1992-1993? During the negotiations, launching an offensive and effectively blocking Eduard Shevardnadze in Sukhumi. And that then the defeat of the Georgians led to ethnic cleansing on the territory of Abkhazia ... And so far the Georgian people have not received an explanation for the events of the ninety-second year.


And we have a very strong suspicion that people like Konstantin Zatulin, Andranik Migranyan, who have always walked side by side as "Birds of a feather flock together.", were promoting a very interesting concept then: "Karabakh is occupied by Armenians, there is a military victory, South Ossetia, a certain enclave is created, i.e. from Karabakh to South Ossetia is not that far away (i.e. from Armenia to South Ossetia is not that far), And then a corridor to Abkhazia is being broken through - here you have a "Great" supposedly pro-Russian, "pro-imperial Transcaucasian Armenia" on the territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia, with ethnic cleansing, with expulsion of Georgians, with expulsion of Azerbaijanis, but with access to the Black Sea to Sukhumi. This is a dream that has failed. In my opinion this is a cannibalistic man-hating dream that has fought and pitted orthodox Russian people against orthodox Georgian people for the sake of interests of such migrants who allow themselves to call Georgian people, ancient and orthodox, creatures in public as presenters of the First Channel.


It should be reminded that Andranik Migranyan is a diplomat by education (he graduated from MGIMO together with current Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov-Kalantaryan). And diplomats, in general, even with regard to those whom they hate, "choose their expressions". For a diplomat to call someone a "creature" is an unprecedented case. It demonstrates that the xenophobic racial hatred which reigns in the Armenian Russian lobby is off the scale.


Andranik Migranian made such a rude and xenophobic statement against Georgia at the meeting of the so-called "Lazarevsky Club" held on October 28, 2022 in Moscow. Many figures of this "club" were not allowed into Yerevan, including Konstantin Zatulin and Andranik Migranian himself.


Against this background of events, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN published information about why Zatulin, a long-time fan of Armenian nationalists, and a number of Russian Armenian figures (Margarita Simonyan, Andranik Migranyan) were denied entry into Armenia in Yerevan: "A reliable partner. Why the Kremlin wants to eliminate the Armenian prime minister": ( ).


From the UNIAN piece we can conclude: The Russian Armenian lobby and the revanchists from the Karabakh clan were preparing a new adventure, including a terrorist attack similar to the one in October 1999, when they eliminated the leadership of the Republic of Armenia and stopped the peace settlement. The aim was to unleash a new war in Karabakh with the help of Russia.


But such a war is unthinkable without a "military corridor" through Georgia. That is, we are again talking about the same "great Armenia with access to the sea" on Georgian soil, mentioned by Maxim Shevchenko. That is, it turns out that those who are planning the adventure have already "sentenced" Georgia and cannot wait to "crush" it with tanks. And while Russian tanks are "bogged down" in the aggression against Ukraine, Andranik Migranian calls for "pressure" on the "creatures" Georgians through the Western Armenian diaspora. So that under this pressure Georgia would open transit for Armenia through occupied Abkhazia (and that weapons would go through this route).


That is, by creating an Armenian enclave on the Black Sea coast in Abkhazia, the Armenian lobby is already pushing for transit from Armenia to Abkhazia. Well, then, people like Migranyan are going to very quickly "crush", occupy and destroy the Georgian state?


Meanwhile, the fact that Migranyan and his high-ranking compatriots had a hand in the Abkhazian separatist war and the tragedy of Georgians in Abkhazia, he himself admitted. He literally said the following about the Abkhazian separatism: "It is the rise of national spirit, and we have promoted and supported it as much as we could, some on television, some on international platforms, and some through political institutions. I want to emphasise that the independence of Abkhazia is primarily the merit of freedom-loving, proud and courageous Abkhazian people" (in fact, deceived by the likes of Migranyan and set against the Georgian brothers, in the Armenian interests). Andranik Migranyan at the time admitted that it was he and his fellow student, fellow foreign minister Sergei Lavrov (Kalantaryan) who initiated the aggression against Georgia in 2008 and the occupation of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region: "Sympathies were clearly on the side of the Abkhazian people. Still, the sense of justice has very deep roots in Russia. And the last thing, I cannot not mention one more person without whom there would have been no independence. I had an article 14 years ago in Izvestia that read "Saakashvili seeks independence for Abkhazia and South Ossetia". I have to tell you that when he made his militant statements, I first sent this article to Sergei Lavrov with whom we studied at the same class, I said that I wanted to publish the article, he said it was interesting," - recalled Migranyan.


Considering that cannibalistic plans of people like Migranyan against Georgia have already been implemented the current anti-Georgian racist statement of Andranik Migranyan about Georgians as "beasts" to be "pressed" should be taken very seriously.  It means that not only pressure on Georgia through the Armenian diaspora, but also aggression against our country is more than likely.



Grigol Giorgadze 

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