Plan to resettle 50,000 Armenians from Karabakh to Abkhazia - for each person registered in Abkhazia they promise to pay 12,000 euros!!!!

26.10.22 16:20

Very interesting information was recently shared on Facebook by a user called Apsny Apsua. Here is his message verbatim:
"Armianpereselenstroy in action; the plan is to gradually resettle 50,000 people from Karabakh to Abkhazia. The project is financed by the ATS and Ruben Tatulyan. In Abkhazia, the project is led by Galust Trapizonian. The presidential administration supervises Zurik Kajaia and Bzhania directly. They are promised 12 thousand euro for every person registered in Abkhazia!!!! Plus votes in the 25th election.

For those Abkhazians who do not yet understand the seriousness of the situation should understand the following - some of these 50 thousand Armenians, who will move from the liberated Azerbaijani lands of Karabakh not only "poor peaceful Armenian refugees", as Armenian nationalists are fond of claiming. They include terrorists and militants from Syria and Lebanon, who were settled in the occupied Azerbaijani lands. Now they are being urgently resettled in Abkhazia.

Resettlement was somewhat "delayed" for one simple reason - the revanchists hoped to use these terrorists in the event of a new war, which they hoped to unleash with Russia's help to "reclaim" Karabakh. As a result, the terrorists were temporarily stationed in Yerevan, Kafan or Khankendi under the protection of Russian "peacekeepers".

But it is now clear that the Armenian nationalists have no chance of revenge. But the well-trained terrorists and those motivated to kill everyone who is not a member of the "most ancient nation" and whose hands are up to their elbows in blood remain. It is them who will be moved to clear "a place under the sun" for the mass resettlement of Armenians on the shores of the Black Sea, in Abkhazia.

It also becomes clear the actions and activities of criminal authority Ruben Tatulyan who simply threw mud at Adgur Ardzinba when the latter simply questioned his "eligibility" for a separatist passport. A conversation with such disgruntled Abkhazians such as Tatulian will have a short life. Not only Tatulyan and the Armenian community have all the "power" of the Russian occupation machines on their side, but he has Armenian criminal gang under his command, which long ago and completely "cleared" Sochi and the Krasnodar region from competitors. But now thugs from ASALA and other terrorist groups are also added.

What can ignorant Abkhazian "patriots", who have been brainwashed about Georgia's alleged "hostility" towards Abkhazians, oppose them? Nothing! While Abkhazians are fighting against "Georgian threat" their land is massively settled by those who have no plans at all to leave Abkhazians there.
After obtaining a separatist passport of "citizens of Abkhazia" from the separatist authorities Ruben Tatulyan and more than 3 thousand Armenians along with him can buy up land and houses for their compatriots - migrants from Karabakh. Nothing under separatist law can prevent them from doing so. Moreover, Tatulian's bandits, Trabizonian's militants or ASALA terrorists can easily come to those unwilling to sell their or "trophy" property and "convince" them to simply "present" it to representatives of the "long-suffering people". What can poor and fragmented Abkhazians oppose them? A rhetorical question....

There is no way to stop the flow of settlers. They even without separatist "citizenship" freely cross the border to Psou as "tourists" and settle in houses and flats that Ruben Tatulyan and his structures centrally purchase for them. So far, they are trying very hard not to "shine" so as not to scare Abkhazians. But as soon as the above-mentioned 50 thousand Armenian settlers from Karabakh (this does not include Armenians from Russia and the Republic of Armenia itself) are settled in Abkhazia, it is possible that they will try very quickly to create here mono-ethnic "maritime Armenia". And the Abkhazians will have no chance to stand against this except one - to reconcile with the brotherly Georgian people and do everything to restore the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Well, the 12 thousand euros of bribes that Tatulian and his associates are currently spending on bribing corrupt separatist officials, they will easily "pay off". By simply "taking away" the incompetent separatists who have been ousted from power (and there is no doubt that this will happen). Where will the separatist leaders get away from the "long-suffering" when all power and all land and property in Abkhazia are in the hands of Armenian settlers? Will they run to Krasnodar or Moscow for protection? But representatives of the same "ancient nationality" are in charge there. Those particularly disgruntled may very well be sent to their certain death "to fight against NATO" in Ukraine.



Grigol Giorgadze

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