Georgian MFA organizes conference of Honorary Consuls

03.10.22 10:30

The conference of Georgian Honorary Consuls – Cooperation for Strong Partnership, organized by the Georgian Foreign Ministry, took place on Sunday. The consuls from more than 50 countries participated in the event.


“Since the first meeting held in 2014, the number of honorary consuls of Georgia increased from 19 to 85 in 64 countries. This fact clearly shows our desire to expand the network of honorary consuls worldwide. Your active involvement and promotion of Georgia as a reliable destination, business and key transit and logistics hub is important,” Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili addressed the conference.


The Ministry said the purpose of the Honorary Consulate Institute is to raise awareness of the sending country in the receiving state, to establish close cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, tourism, science and culture, and to provide legal assistance to citizens of the presenting country.


Georgia has up to 90 honorary consuls in 64 countries.




source: 1TV

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