Abkhaz are sent to Ukraine for slaughter. Georgia is the only way out

23.09.22 8:59

It seems that the occupants have already decided how they will solve the problem of "ungrateful" Abkhazians who are unhappy with the appropriation of the land of Abkhazia, namely of Pitsunda. They will simply be mobilized in their masses into the armed forces of the Russian Federation and sent "to the slaughter" in Ukraine.

Those who do not agree to such prospects will expect at least 10 years in prison in accordance with amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation adopted by the Duma "for evading mobilization". Given the prevailing morals in Russian prisons, because of which many prisoners prefer to enlist for combat in Ukraine almost to certain death than to stay in the Russian prison hell, as well as the dislike of the chauvinist propaganda-soaked prison administrations towards "deserters and evaders" - it is almost the same destruction, the same genocide. Only more agonising and "extended in time".

No one is going to "joke" with the population of separatist Abkhazia anymore. Following the announcement of mobilisation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Nikolai Pankov said that Abkhazia would not escape mobilisation.

"Abkhazia will be affected by mobilization, as the population of Abkhazia is almost 100 percent Russian citizens," said Nikolai Pankov, who will oversee mobilization in the separatist "republic". Pankov stressed that there will be no "leniency" towards Abkhazians. On the contrary, they will be "forced to pay debts". And debts, by all appearances, are huge. Was Russia fed and protected the separatists for nothing?!
"Russia saved Abkhazians during the war with Georgia and helped them economically to survive and the debt is redeemed" - stressed Deputy Defense Minister of Russia, General of the Army Nikolai Pankov, adding that "criminal responsibility for non-compliance with the order applies to all citizens of the Russian Federation without exception".

General Pankov's words were echoed by the separatist so-called "military commissar" Tarba:

"We will not rust. There is no debt to anyone, but we are always there, we are "for", - said the military commissar about the upcoming total mobilization of Abkhazians into the Russian army for the war in Ukraine. Apparently, anticipating fabulous profits from bribes for "exemption from mobilization". But such money to buy off their sons from being sent to certain death in Ukraine (apparently "fabulous") can be found only with a few high-ranking separatist functionaries.

But not all residents of separatist Abkhazia will go to Ukraine to die. In addition to the separatist passport and Russian passport most ethnic Armenians living in Abkhazia have passports of Armenian citizens. And as citizens, albeit citizens of a "union" but another state, most of them will avoid mobilisation.

Abkhazian Armenians can easily cross the border of the Russian Federation with their Armenian passports and travel to the same Armenia to "wait out the war". And then, together with their compatriots from Artsakh and Zangezur they can return to empty Abkhazia where most of the Abkhazian youth will have died in the war in Ukraine by that time.

The irony of fate is that Georgians of the Gali district who are absolutely powerless on the separatist territory will also avoid going to war in Ukraine. Most of them do not have either separatist or Russian citizenship, and they are not subject to mobilization. Of course, the occupants would also "gladly" send them to their slaughter, but they did not and do not want to give Georgians separatist and Russian citizenship on principle. They intend at any convenient occasion to simply expel the remnants of the Georgian population of Abkhazia from their native land. There can be no doubt that this case will be arranged by the "new masters" of Abkhazia from "the most ancient people" who, unlike Abkhazians, are unlikely to die in Ukraine.

Here we have a real "special operation" of selective genocide of the Abkhazian population, during which the entire Abkhazian gene pool will be deliberately thrown "into the furnace" of the Ukrainian war. What to do under such circumstances to Abkhazian families who want to save their sons, husbands and brothers? The only salvation for Abkhazian youth is now in the unoccupied territory of Georgia.

It is still possible to cross the dividing line on the Inguri. There is no doubt that the line of separation will be closed very quickly and Abkhazians who are to be mobilized will be "caught" on it. Then the only chance is to make one's way to the free territory of Georgia by secret paths. They can be advised to Abkhazians by local Georgians. This is the only way for Abkhazians to save their youth from a pointless death in the steppes of Ukraine.

While in Georgia Abkhazians have all rights of citizens of Georgia. They can live in peace, study in Georgian universities, work and wait until their homeland is freed from occupation and reunited with the brotherly Georgian people in a single state.

Alexander Zakhariadze

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