Marina Kaljurand: The Georgian Dream should be inclusive, it should listen to all stakeholders - opposition, please join the working groups

21.09.22 14:00

The Georgian Dream should be inclusive, it should listen to all stakeholders, civil society, opposition, so that they feel that they are being listened to, MEP Marina Kaljurand said.


"Opposition, please join the working groups, please participate in the work of the parliament, because you have the mandate of your people and it is your obligation to represent your people in the best way of democracy," said Kaliurand.


She also cited the example of Estonia and noted that the "secret weapon" of Estonia for EU and NATO integration was the joint work of politicians.


"Nobody wanted us there, no one was waiting for us there [in the EU and NATO] in the early 90s, but I will say that the "secret weapon" was the unification of politicians around one goal and their joint work to achieve this goal. Therefore, I hope that little Estonia can be an inspiration for Georgia in its European and transatlantic cooperation", the MEP added.




source: IPN

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