In separatist Abkhazia, it is planned to open points for recruiting young people and sending them to war in Ukraine.

06.09.22 11:40

The Russian military in separatist Abkhazia will offer to sign a contract, luring young men with large sums of money. Anyone who signs a contract after brief training, or sometimes without it, will be sent to the front line. The group where Abkhazians will be recruited for the war in Ukraine is called "Storm".


For thousands of Abkhazian families this means one thing - they will receive death certificates after a while and will have to bury their sons, husbands and brothers. If of course, something of them remains in the massacre that was organized by the Kremlin regime in Ukraine.


Recruiters, it seems, are confident in the successful recruitment of "cannon fodder" in the separatist Abkhazia. And there are objective reasons for this.


Almost all experts point out that one of the main problems in Abkhazia is colossal unemployment among Abkhaz youth. The youth environment is rife with criminal mores, drug addiction and alcoholism. As a result young Abkhazians, many of whom have families and small children, are desperately short of money. There is some opportunity to make money during "tourist" season, but as soon as it ends, the problem of lack of money is total in separatist Abkhazia.


The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Abkhazians, intoxicated with nationalist separatist propaganda, consider professions such as janitor or construction worker "undignified and unworthy". After all, they have been instilled that they are "great warriors. And "warriors" consider it "beneath their dignity to pick up a broom. Such work is usually done by migrants from Central Asia. Here arises a paradox: many young Abkhazians seek "prestigious" jobs, are in debt, but do not go for "not prestigious" jobs. It is "prestigious" for Abkhazians to serve in "law enforcement" agencies. But only "friendly" people from the separatist clans are hired there.


Therefore, with no doubt, as soon as they start recruiting "volunteers", or rather mercenaries for the war in Ukraine, thousands of Abkhazians will respond to it. After all, they will be taken for a "dare", as they say, show what kind of "warriors" you are!


 Recruiters, recruited for a "salary" of about 200 thousand rubles a month (unthinkable money by Abkhazian standards), are immediately paid an "increased monthly salary" up to 300 thousand rubles, which is the equivalent of about $ 5 thousand. This will allow many Abkhazians to pay debts and even leave something for their families to live on before going to war.


The fact that once they go to war in Ukraine, they are unlikely to return home, and if they are lucky to return, they will most likely become hopeless cripples and disabled in separatist Abkhazia, is not yet understood by all. After all, society is drugged by the Kremlin propaganda of Simonyan, Skabeeva and Solovyov, according to which only the Ukrainian side bears losses and Russian troops "win" everywhere.


It is known that in the "Storm" group, which is thrown into the most dangerous areas, the payment to the mercenaries is very high. In southern Russia and the North Caucasus, the "Storm" offensive group is promised up to 1.9 million rubles (almost $30,000!) for their participation in the war, provided they advance one kilometre into Ukraine every day. Except that they do not specify that even in battles without "advancement" the losses are enormous. According to Ukrainian expert Igor Levchenko, usually more than half of the personnel of the aggressors' units are killed every two or three weeks.  "Two to three weeks of fighting and the Russian grouping already requires replacement. This tells us that 50-60 percent of the personnel are killed," Levchenko says.


And in the Storm group, 80-90 per cent of the unit often dies after such a "promotion", for which almost 2 million rubles are promised. Hence the constant need for the "Storm" group to update and replenish itself with new "cannon fodder". Moreover, as a rule, those who survive "on the Ukrainian front" are actually professionals with military training. However, for a young man whose military training is limited at best to serving in the so-called "Abkhaz army" to survive in the "Storm" group is almost unrealistic.


Ultimately, the recruitment for the war in Ukraine could turn into the most genuine genocide of the Abkhazian people. All the more that this recruitment will be facilitated by the separatist authorities in every possible way, since financing of the separatist regime by the Kremlin will depend on the number of recruited "cannon fodder".


Only ending the occupation of Abkhazia, reconciliation and reunification with the brotherly people of Georgia can prevent the threat of a new genocide of the Abkhazian people.




Grigol Giorgadze 

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