The Special Investigation Service has arrested two law enforcement officers for ill-treatment of the detainees

31.08.22 13:40

As a result of the investigation carried out by the Special Investigation Service, the facts of ill-treatment of the detainees were revealed.


According to the Service, based on the court's decision, the Inspector-Investigator of the Zestaponi District Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Patrol inspector of Adjara Main Division of the Patrol Police Department were arrested for the violent abuse of official authority in various criminal cases.


"On January 15, 2022, in Zestaponi, the investigation established on the fact of the attack to the Inspector-Investigator by the citizen G.M. under the influence of alcohol. After his arrest, he was taken to the building of the Zestaponi district division, where the district inspector-investigator slapped once in the face to the citizen G.M.


As for the second case of ill-treatment, on July 31, 2022, in Batumi, a drunken citizen G.G. was detained administratively for the petty hooliganism and disobedience by the patrol inspectors of the Adjara Main Division of the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The inspector placed the detainee in the back cabin of the police car and sat down on the right side. In order to prevent the detainee's resistance, the patrol inspector physically injured him by hitting his hands in different parts of his body and hitting his handcuffs on his head.


After obtaining the incriminating evidence, according the Article 19 of the Law of Georgia on "the Special Investigation Service", the Special Investigation Service used the authority and addressed to the prosecutor with written proposal requesting the initiation of the criminal prosecution. After that, based on the intercession of the Prosecution Service of Georgia, according the court verdict, both law enforcement offenders were arrested.


The Special Investigation Service is continuing the investigation of the above-mentioned cases, both law enforcement officers are arrested for the exceeding official authority by violence under the Article 333, paragraph 3, Sub-paragraph "b" of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which is punishable by 5 to 8 years of imprisonment," reads the statement.




source: IPN 

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