Abkhazia awaits annexation via a "union state" and a quick sale of land

27.08.22 22:50

On August 25, 2022 in a live broadcast on the Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov the puppet separatist "president" Aslan Bzhania actually revealed Russia's plans to completely annex Abkhazia and destroy the fake separatist "statehood". According to him this will be done through the "union state".


Aslan Bzhania said that after the war in Ukraine (which he called "special operation" in the spirit of the Kremlin propaganda) his "republic" was ready to join the so-called "union state of Belarus and Russia". In the context of this "union state" he also mentioned the separatist DNR and LNR in the east of Ukraine, which Russia is also planning to annex.


 "The Union State was originally a project for the "beautiful" annexation of Belarus by Russia. But Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko resists this process with all his might and the "union state" exists only on paper. For example, Alexander Lukashenko has not yet recognized "independence" of the separatists from Sukhumi and Tskhinvali, being fully aware that this will be the first step towards complete elimination and annexation of his state and thus "equated" with the separatist regimes on the Russian-occupied foreign territories. All the more that at one time Vladimir Putin outlined to the same Lukashenko a prospect of integration of Belarus within the framework of the "union state" into the "six regions" within the Russian Federation.


However, there are new plans in the Kremlin.  What it has failed to do with annexation through the "union state" with Belarus, it can do with separatist regimes. At the same time, in this way, it will be possible to nullify the remaining tenuous rights and signs of autonomy of the national republics within the Russian Federation, reducing them to the level of ordinary regions or "provinces".


Actually, instead of a "union state of Russia and Belarus" there can be a "union state of Russia, the DPR, the LPR and Abkhazia. And they can do this without waiting for the war in Ukraine to be over.  The separatists will have no more real rights and "independence" here than the Kherson region of Ukraine occupied by Russia today, which is going to be annexed without any "union state". However, what is certain to happen in such a "union state" is a full extension of Russian laws to the annexed territories as well. Including, of course, in the real estate trade.


It is not difficult to guess who is interested in quickly buying up all of Abkhazia's land as part of a "union state". It is no coincidence that on the same day when Bzhania announced annexation of Abkhazia through the "union state" none other than "eternal servant" of the Armenian lobby deputy Konstantin Zatulin, who serves as first deputy chairman of the Duma committee on relations with the CIS, spoke about Abkhazian land. He hurried to please his Armenian friends that it is time "to prepare for purchase of Abkhazia" and mass settlement there. After all, elimination of its "statehood" and all associated restrictions on purchase of real estate was announced by none other than its puppet "president".


In an interview with Konstantin Zatulin explained what issues will be resolved by possible inclusion of Abkhazia into the union state.


"I am in favour of this [expansion of the Union State] happening. I think it would create new conditions for a whole range of topical issues. Abkhazia and I have started an Inter-Parliamentary Working Group in which we are trying, for example, to simplify the regime for crossing the Abkhaz-Russian border. And there we cite as an example the regime that exists on the border between Russia and Belarus in the framework of the Union State. And if the desire of Abkhazia to join the Union State is confirmed and it is reformatted, then there will be a green light to resolve the issue this way," Zatulin said.


The MP also conceded that in case of accession of Abkhazia into the "Union State", it would be easier for the parties to agree on the possibility of purchase of "Russians" (it is clear what nationality) land in Abkhazia. However, he is confused by the fact that the resolution of this issue, according to Zatulin, is slowed by "residual fears" in Abkhazian society.


"The opposition in Abkhazia is trying to raise doubts: if this is allowed to happen today, tomorrow Abkhazians will cease to be masters of the country. But it is clear that no one will take the land away from Abkhazia, and this kind of fear hinders development of Abkhazia in practice," Zatulin mockingly noted.


Indeed, no one will take away the land of Abkhazia. That is not why the Kremlin and the Armenian lobby have staged this whole circus "with "independence" of their separatist puppets, and have been feeding them for so many years. They did not need Abkhazians. They needed Abkhazian land.  For which there have long been claimants. 


There will come to Abkhazian land "new masters" of "the most ancient people", including so beloved by Zatulin Armenian "Artsakh" separatists. The separatists have a maximum of 3 years to stay in the territory of Azerbaijan under the cover of Russian peacekeepers. During this time the separatist Abkhazia will be completely annexed through the "union state". 


The Abkhaz themselves are largely being "recycled" in the war in Ukraine. Aslan Bzhania mentioned "heroes" from Abkhazia who died in this war before sharing his plans for a "union state". Well, ethnic Armenians, when the flower of Abkhazian nation is sent to Ukraine for slaughter, are already actively settling there under the guise of an influx of tourists.


Abkhazians in social networks started to be outraged by Zatulin's words. They are posting slogans "Abkhazia is not betrayed. But what can they do? Life and death of Abkhazians are in the hands of the occupants. If they do not spare their own, Russian people on Ukrainian soil, who only have Ukrainian passports, will they really pity people who they see as an annoying "obstacle" in the land they and their Armenian "friends" like?




Giorgi Kvinitadze

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