Guram Macharashvili: It is interesting that the US Ambassador talks about Gavrilov's night and blames the government, as if the government stormed the Parliament

17.08.22 17:30

Unfortunately, after every speech of the Ambassador, we are convinced that our decision to tell the truth to the public is the right one, MP Guram Macharashvili, who left Georgian Dream, told journalists in response to the statement of US Ambassador Kelly Degnan.


As Macharashvili noted, Degnani's statement is an acknowledgment that the evidence presented by the deputies who left the ruling team is true.


"This statement is actually an acknowledgment that the proofs mentioned in our last letters are true, because Mrs. The Ambassador has not responded to any of them and has not presented a counterargument. Moreover, she addresses the MPs elected by the people with insulting words, calls them incomprehensible and talks about conspiracies. I wonder what she thinks is a conspiracy - the fact that the representative of the Embassy summoned the judge and demanded a report, and we asked this question, is this a conspiracy? If the Embassy says that it has paid for the development of Georgian justice for 30 years and therefore appeals to the constitutional bodies - the Parliament and the Supreme Council of Justice, that this or that judge should be appointed for life and that this or that law should be amended, is this a conspiracy? In addition, in her opinion, Gavrilov's night was a prerequisite and basis for polarization. It is interesting that the Ambassador talks about Gavrilov­'s night and blames the government, as if the government stormed the Parliament. It was Nika Melia who stormed the Parliament together with several hundred radicals, who was arrested and it was at the insistence of the Embassy that the organizer of the storming of the Parliament, the politician Nikanor Melia, was released from prison. The Ambassador talks about this as if it was an attack by the government and storming the Parliament.


If the storming of the legislative body is punishable in America, why is democracy collapsing in Georgia, if a politician who stormed the Parliament is arrested. If the rule of law and equality in America are different, and the Embassy should determine what the rule of law and equality in Georgia should be, these are wrong approaches, when the Georgian society realizes that democracy works differently in America, and the Embassy in Georgia wants it to work differently, it is a wrong approach. Our goal is not to discredit anyone, but to make the society see the truth, what is happening against or for the benefit of Georgia," said Guram Macharashvili.


For information, US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan calls the accusations voiced by the former deputies of Georgia­n Dream "reckless conspiracy theories that have no basis".


"Almost every single day, I have worked to try and bring Georgia’s political leaders together to try and bridge the deep polarization that existed long before I got here. And I think it’s important for Georgians to remember, to look back three years, four years, and remember where this depolarization came from. Things like Gavrilov­’s night, things like broken political promises and anti-democratic actions. That’s where this depolarization came from, not from Western partners, who again, have only been trying to help Georgia bridge this deep polarization so that the Parliament and other institutions can focus on what’s really important to Georgians: jobs, high prices, good education, better public health," Degnan said.



source: IPN 

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