Patrol inspector Nukri Bakradze, who was arrested for beating a disabled minor in metro, was sentenced to 5 years in prison

29.07.22 14:00

Patrol inspector Nukri Bakradze, who was arrested in the case of beating a minor disabled person in metro, was found guilty by the jury.


8 out of 12 jurors gave Nukri Bakradze a guilty verdict.


The Tbilisi City Court sentenced the convict to 5 years of imprisonment.


The case also involved the second patrol inspector Kakha Bakashvili, who was present at the moment of the beating of a disabled person by his partner patrol inspector, however, he did not intervene in the incident and did not try to stop the violence. Kakha Bakashvili, according to the court's decision, was released from the court session hall about 1 month ago. He cooperated with the investigation and pleaded guilty. The court found Bakashvili guilty based on the evidence presented by the prosecution and sentenced him to 6 months of imprisonment, which was considered conditional and 1 year was set as a probationary period.




source: IPN 

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