Anri Okhanashvili on President's veto: This is another step not towards depolarization, but to encourage the spark of unrest

23.06.22 17:00

"This is another step, unfortunately, not towards depolarization, but on the contrary, to encourage the spark of unrest," said Anri Okhanashvili, chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee.


As Georgian Dream MP notes, they are waiting for motivated remarks, as well as an argumentative explanation of the President's political decision, which, as Okhanashvili suggests, can not be presented, so they will overcome the President's veto.


"Politically, when it comes to minimizing polarization, does this move by the President serve to reduce polarization or, conversely, increase it and contribute to the turmoil, you judge it, and the public. As for the content, we did not discuss it in a hurry, we discussed it in full compliance with the rules of procedure, we had a number of meetings, including with the involvement of the opposition, with the participation of state agencies. The law is in line with the standards of the Strasbourg court, the Constitution of Georgia, and the statement that the legal situation is deteriorating and is not in line with European approaches is not true. We will wait for the motivated remarks that the President has to submit and also, the President's representative will have to explain to the Parliament what their motivated remarks are, based on that we will make the appropriate decision. I doubt they will be able to present any argument, since the statement also said that it is political, what it is about and how justified it is, it needs to be explained. I doubt such an explanation will be presented, which will lead to the veto being overcome," Okhanashvili said.


For the record, the President vetoed a bill on conducting covert investigative actions. As Salome Zurabishvili stated at the briefing, she will veto all the laws that will be adopted in the wrong direction within the next 6 months.



source: IPN 

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