President Tokayev on the injustice of East and West

21.06.22 14:00

If mankind aspired to justice, it would have achieved it long ago.

William Hazlitt


The problem of justice and a just state is one of the "eternal problems" that has been present throughout the history of human society.  In different eras of human civilisation this question has concerned individuals, nations and states.  Unfortunately, in XXI century the states of the world had not yet reached a stage of development where it was possible to establish equitable international relations. It is not without reason that William William Hazlitt, a classic of English essayism, once wrote: "If mankind aspired to justice, it would have achieved it long ago”


           Geopolitical turmoil emanating from the collapse of the socialist system benefited all leading geopolitical players in international relations. New Russia also took advantage of the state of chaos in the hope that it would retain the post-Soviet states.  To this end, Russia instigated all the conflicts that remain unresolved today.


          Initially, the US and the West as a whole did little to oppose Russia in their geopolitical game; on occasion, Moscow acted with their tacit consent, and sometimes in a veiled way, even in conjunction with it. This policy led to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia in Karabakh, Georgian lands in North Kartli (so-called South Ossetia) and Abkhazia, and Transnistria was torn away from Moldova. From these occupied territories, more than a million and a half people became refugees in their own country.  The so-called world community looked on all that in silence. The world order that had been established after the Second World War was shattered and the powers that had created this organization were in no hurry to abide by the UN Charter because they themselves had been involved in one way or another in all this. Human suffering is like a child's mischief for big geopolitics. "Civilized" Europe prides itself on the fact that it created universal states, but it does not care about the suffering of Georgians and Azerbaijanis. In the not too distant past, "civilized" Europe committed inhuman acts against the peoples of Asia, Africa and America. They robbed and destroyed the local population and became fabulously rich, which served to create their universal state, where the rule of law was their greatest success.


     The peoples of the post-socialist and post-Soviet space were deprived of all this, so it is not surprising that they have a yearning for law and order, which would allow these countries to develop peacefully, so as not to fall back under the influence of unchanging Russia and its orders. This explains Georgia's striving for NATO and the European Union military and political bloc to secure our space and build a civil society.


    For 30 years, Europe has been telling us all kinds of nonsense about status, candidate status and human rights issues, where the prerequisite was holding an LGBT parade; we were used to watching a military parade, but we could not understand who would want to hold such a parade.


       Meanwhile, Russia was getting stronger and new opportunities for expanding its space were opening up in front of them. Moscow has begun to focus on international markets, geo-economic projects and the space for them, because for Europe and the West as a whole, this is a major prerequisite for their economic prosperity.


     Like the West, Russia has embarked on a new economic division of the new space. To this end, it was decided to hold an international forum where important geo-economic communication issues would be resolved. Thus, the St. Petersburg Economic Summit became a high-profile international event, attended by European leaders and numerous delegations.  Europe was establishing new economic ties with Russia in such a way that these countries were becoming dependent on Russia for raw materials, which promised Russia new political dividends.  European countries turned a blind eye to Russia's new political ambitions. All this allowed Russia to start a new aggressive policy against Ukraine, Russia without shame or political conscience created Russian separatism in Ukraine, then occupied Crimea, the world community and "civilized" Europe kept silent again, subsequently Russia recognized the so-called DNR and LNR as independent states, thus actually starting a war against the Ukrainian state and people.


    Europe's slowness and indecision in this war promises a continuation of this shameful war for Russia. Once again, human casualties are not placed on the scales of geopolitical aspirations. On the one hand, the Europeans do not want Russia to approach the borders of Europe, on the other hand, they fear the outbreak of World War III, today they are ready, to please Russia, that Ukraine would agree to territorial concessions to Russia and thus stop the war, but the Ukrainian people and its leadership will never agree to that. Another thing is the UK and the US, which have their own geopolitical interests.  Britain, together with the US, is trying to return Russia's status as the gendarme of Europe and thus keep France and Germany in check.


      Russian President V. Putin, who fancies himself as Stalin, is not acting in the interests of the Russian state, but to please Anglo-Saxon interests, so it is not in their interests to stop the war.


        In this context it is necessary to notice that even during the First World War the set of provocateurs led by V. Lenin and L. Trotsky which primary goal was destruction of Russia have been sent to Russia, everything went according to the plan, more than 30 million Russian was killed during the period from 1917 to 1921. But in 1922 Stalin, once in power, freed Russia from its enemies and created a new Russian, Soviet empire. The West could not forgive Stalin for this and he was murdered.


      Political decisions, victories and defeats also determine the economic capabilities of states. The Soviet Union and the USA fought a geopolitical war for markets for their own and others' resources. In this cold war, the US won; the USSR did not sign a surrender, but its position was tantamount to military surrender. People who had absolutely no sense of patriotism and love for their country were brought to power. The new Trotskyites created only a semblance of patriotism to completely brainwash their own population. Strategic factories and plants were virtually sold off and destroyed, it came to the point where Israel supplied Russia with agricultural products.


      The US, originally aiming at the destruction of Russia, suddenly changed its policy, the new independent states on Russian territory would very quickly fall under Chinese rule, and the strengthening of the PRC is not in the plans of the US.


       Few people today remember the February 1, 1992 Camp David Agreement between the U.S. and the RSFSR, which stated explicitly that Russia and the U.S. do not regard each other as potential enemies.  Since that agreement, Russia has not done anything on its own in international relations that would cause opposition from the US, but instead has acted in tandem.


        On this basis, on the New Year's Eve of December 31, 1999, the old B. Yeltsin was forced to resign: "I'm leaving, I did the best I could", he declared, walking away without honour or authority. Yes, he had sold Russia out as best he could! 


     Soon after Putin came to power, the war in Chechnya and Dagestan ended and other national movements came to a halt. Russian society attributed all these victories to the new, young president, but in reality the US banned Saudi Arabia and other Arabian countries from financing Chechen, Dagestan and other national movements.  The war for the independence of these nations has fizzled out.


      These "victories" over his own people caused Putin to think of himself as Stalin, in reality he is as much an overseas proxy as Lenin and Trotsky were, whose aim was to destroy Russia.  Today V. Putin, not Stalin, as the Russians believe, but the historical Trotsky, with his plan for the economic and political destruction of the country.


    In his time Stalin expanded the boundaries of Russia to the heart of Europe, but today Putin has prepared an unhappy fate for Russia. Russia will lose access to all seas, will leave Russia bleeding and beggarly, the contours of this you already feel on yourselves, dear Russians!  There will be what the Trotskyites did not finish, and no one will have to regret about it!


       Hence all the geopolitical moves that are not in the interests of the Russian Federation! It should be noted that everyone thought that the occupation of Georgia, support for Armenian separatism in Azerbaijan and the seizure of regions from Moldova did not arouse indignation in Russian society because of the non-Slavic origin of these countries and peoples. However, Russian society's position on the war with the Ukrainian people and state is not at all clear.  The trouble with Russian society is that the President of the Russian Federation is trying to justify his stupid military and political actions historically.  Russian President says: "...there was no Georgia, it was the Tiflis province..." and Russian society simply "swallows" him.        Or does Putin really think that the history of Georgia begins in the XIX century?  V. Putin showed the whole world ignorance by stating that: "В. Lenin is the founder of the Ukrainian state".  Dear Russians, tell us why do you need the Institute of History or the Academy of Sciences, when no historian dares to tell the historical truth to its President.


      What Russia is doing today in relation to Georgia and Ukraine is not only aggression and occupation of territories, but also theft and distortion of history, an attempt to cover state fascism with "historical right" that is even worse than military occupation of territories.


      Under such circumstances, Russia, to show the world that nothing extraordinary is happening, opened the 25th international economic summit in St Petersburg.  The forum was given international status, thanks to the president of Kazakhstan, K. Tokayev.  Putin and the whole Russian elite hoped that Kazakhstan will support Russia's policy, but it was not to be.  The head of Kazakhstan told the Russians that he does not support them in their aspirations, as recognition of Georgian regions as independent states does not comply with international law and the UN Charter.  Tokayev also hinted to the West that they were wrong to recognize independence of Kosovo and the head of Kazakhstan "poured cold water" over both the West and Russia. The creation of a second Albanian state out of the historical regions of Serbia was a big mistake by the West.  Obviously, Serbia will be patient for the time being.  It is arming itself with the latest weapons and will wait for a convenient geopolitical balance of power. It is precisely because of the recognition of the United States a shortsighted idea matured in Moscow to recognize independence of the Georgian regions and thus allegedly punish U.S. ally Georgia and at the same time cover up its occupation activities and give it a legal form. However, they did not take into account that the U.S. is not interested in the status of the occupied Georgian regions and has no interest in restoring the territorial integrity of Georgia, although leaders of some political parties persuade us otherwise, while the reality is different.


         The position of the President of Kazakhstan is, first and foremost, fair and principled, on which the international community should rely, but geopolitical goals of the parties force them to bypass both international law and historical justice.


       Undoubtedly the head of Kazakhstan deserves special gratitude from Georgians for his human and political courage and we are grateful to Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich!  It would seem nothing extraordinary, but speaking the truth in our two-faced world is heroism! 


 A self-respecting politician, a statesman cannot avoid the notion of fair public policy!  Today, at a time of politico-military crisis that threatens to acquire planetary proportions, it is more appropriate than ever to speak about this problem on an international level, in its global format.


      At the time when "cultural" Europe in fact refuses to accept Georgia in its association, the leaders of the South Caucasus should consider creating a similar union of the Caucasian States. In this case, the region would become a geopolitical force.


   It is true that the South Caucasus states could build a unique Caucasian civilization, but when Azerbaijan and Georgia talk about a united Caucasus, our Armenian neighbours counter this idea with their own - the idea of a "Greater Armenia".  It seemed that after the flight from Karabakh, the Armenian geopoliticians will abandon this crazy idea forever, but no, they with renewed zeal began to promote ownership of the historical Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti to Armenia, and the trouble is that they are supported in this by the geopolitical centres.  The Armenian leaders are again preparing new misery for their people with their new geopolitical games.


     Undoubtedly, international order and the new system of international relations must be based on just resolution of all existing problems. If the West fails to achieve these objectives a new power under the leadership of the People`s Republic of China will enter the international arena, and a great part of the area currently gravitating towards Europe will be within the realm of the Eastern World Order.



Guram Markhulia

President of the Caucasus International Centre for the Study of Geo-history and Geopolitics 

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