Military equipment to be exhibited in 15 cities on the occasion of Georgia's Independence Day, air component will also be involved - EU anthem will be performed for the first time in the history of independence

26.05.22 10:40

The event dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia will start at 11:00 on Rustaveli Avenue, within the framework of which the conscripts will take the oath at 12:00, and a gala concert will be held at 20:30.


The swearing-in ceremony is planned in 5 regions besides Tbilisi, and military equipment will be exhibited in 15 municipalities. Air components will also be on display, and the military will appear with new equipment.


EU member states and the US ambassador will take part in this year's event, congratulating Georgia on its Independence Day.


For the first time in the history of May 26, the anthem of the European Union will be performed, and the Georgian national anthem will be performed by a children's chapel.


"Georgian Defense Forces are preparing to celebrate the May 26 event, a general rehearsal will be held today. Tomorrow there will be an exhibition of equipment and weapons in all major cities, military oath will be taken at 5 locations besides Tbilisi. We will be showing the air components of the Su-25s as well as the Mi-24s and Iroquois, which have been upgraded. Our personnel will be represented by new weapons and equipment. A unit the size of a battalion will take a military oath," said Joni Tatunashvili.



source: IPN 

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