Khatia Dekanoidze: Everyone in the Department of State, Senate and Congress knows the names of judges of the “clan”, so their concerns are relevant

25.05.22 16:00

Kobakhidze's statements yesterday confirmed that the judges and their "clan" are very nervous - the Department of State, Senate and Congress know their names, said Khatia Dekanoidze, the leader of the National Movement faction.


Asked whether they intend to create a "black list" of judges, Dekanoidze said that what will be called the list was not crucial.


"Judges make political decisions, after which they can no longer be part of the civilized world in the context of human rights. Everyone in the Department of State, in Senate, in Congress, knows their first and last names, so their concerns are relevant. What will be the name of this list, black list, new Magnitsky list or clan list, is not crucial. You know that in Bulgaria, for example, there were sanctions against judges, it is an important lever of the civilized world," Dekanoidze said.



source: IPN 

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