Question for the Armenian authorities: what is the "foreign minister" of so-called "Artsakh" doing in occupied Tskhinvali?

25.05.22 11:30

On May 24th an inauguration of a new separatist puppet of the so-called "President of South Ossetia" Alan Gagloev takes place in occupied Tskhinvali. 

Along with representatives of Russia that occupies the Tskhinvali region of Georgia and representatives of the separatist DPR, LNR, Transnistria, the Sukhumi regime of Abkhazia and a delegation of so-called Artsakh, headed by the separatist foreign minister of Artsakh Davit Babayan attended it.


Separatists of the "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" or "Artsakh" secessionist formation liquidated by the Azerbaijani army during the 44-day war are now temporarily able to stay in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers in Azerbaijan's Karabakh. These peacekeepers, ignoring the commitments undertaken by Russia, have not yet taken action to disarm the separatist gangs, or to neutralize and hand over to Azerbaijani justice the state criminals, the leaders of the "Artsakh" separatists. However, the "Artsakh" separatists can only enter the "outside world" through the territory of the Republic of Armenia.


David Babayan, the so-called "head of the Foreign Ministry" and "Artsakh" arrived in the occupied Tskhinvali on May 23, 2022, apparently via Yerevan airport and the territory of the occupying Georgian region of the Russian Federation. The travel of the separatist to the occupied Georgian territories could not take place without the knowledge and consent of the authorities of the Republic of Armenia.


The government of Nikol Pashinyan in its words about "friendship" with Georgia in reality continues to support separatism and occupation of the Georgian territories. And since the separatists of so-called "Artsakh" are totally dependent on the Armenian authorities, then, if they wanted, they could well prevent a demarche of the leaders of the illegal separatist "Artsakh" in Yerevan, which is indicative and clearly hostile towards Georgia.  Nevertheless, David Babayan's visit took place and he appears to have been the most "dear guest" of the occupants and separatists in occupied Tskhinvali.


David Babayan held a meeting in Tskhinvali with the head of the so-called "South Ossetian Foreign Ministry" Dmitry Medoyev and delivered a lecture to students at the so-called "South Ossetian State University" (SOOSU) on the "history of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". At the instigation of the Armenian authorities, their de facto representative promoted separatism among the Georgian citizens of Ossetian nationality living on the temporarily occupied Georgian territory in occupied Tskhinvali.  Greeting David Babayan the head of the department of political science and sociology of the Tskhinvali separatist "university" Inal Sanakoev said: "We always observe with great interest the events taking place in the NKR. We have always been in solidarity with you in your struggle, what was going on between us is absolutely the same processes. The feelings and emotions that the people of Artsakh are experiencing are similar to the South Ossetian people. I am sure we need to strengthen our relations," Sanakoev said.


David Babayan, in turn, noted that "Artsakh State University" and South Ossetian State University have long signed agreements on cooperation.


" I would really like us to give a new level to our relations. While in "South Ossetia" I couldn't help but visit your university, which made a very good impression on me. The new building, the museum - it is simply great. Now our university is also being reconstructed, I think there is a lot to learn from you," David Babayan told the participants of the event about the history of "Artsakh" and the Karabakh conflict and noted that "in the history of the Ossetian people and "Artsakh" there are many similarities.


It will not be long before the unconquered separatists of so-called "Artsakh" are on Azerbaijani soil under the protection of Russian peacekeepers.  At any rate, in a little over three years after the term of Russian peacekeepers expires, the separatist "Artsakh" should finally fade into oblivion. However, the fact that the "Artsakh" separatists show interest in the occupied Georgian territories, both in the Tskhinvali region and Abkhazia, poses a direct threat to Georgian statehood.  All the more so since "Artsakh" Armenians are already actively settling in Abkhazia. As a result, the Armenian community of Abkhazia, which originally participated in the war and genocide of the Georgian population on the side of the separatists, is becoming absolutely dominant in this occupied Georgian territory and is doing everything to prevent the deoccupation of Abkhazia and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia.




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