Iago Khvichia: Gharibashvili's statement is a classic case of putting the blame on others

23.05.22 13:00

Gharibashvili's statement is a classic case of putting the blame on others, Girchi MP Iago Khvichia told reporters, responding to Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili's statement that the opposition is asking international partners not to make a positive decision relating to Georgia.


According to him, the Georgian Dream knows that the steps taken by them to get the EU candidate status are not enough and now they are trying to blame others for it.


"In order to avoid responsibility, you need to seriously blame someone else convincingly. That’s what we are dealing with now. The Georgian Dream knows that its steps are not enough to achieve the goal we want and it may not end successfully, so it is necessary to prepare the ground in advance so that people and themselves can boldly blame others for the failure. I do not know how much criticism he heard in Brussels in particular, but critical remarks about the Government can be heard everywhere, in Brussels, in Tbilisi, through messages, etc," Khvichia said. Georgian Dream.




source: IPN 

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