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13.05.22 12:30

During the First World War, many Turks could not believe that Armenian nationalists had betrayed the Ottoman Empire and wished for its demise. It would seem that what did the Armenians lack in the empire? They lived on the best lands, controlled most of the finances of industry and trade, had every opportunity to make a career in public service, not to mention all the opportunities to develop their culture, education, build churches, etc.


But the fact remains that the Armenian nationalists in 1914-1915 did everything to "stab the Ottoman army in the back" and achieve the collapse of the front and the defeat of the state that had done so much good for them.


Similarly, many Russians still cannot believe that Armenian nationalists would betray them. That they really want Russia to be defeated, even pretending to be "patriots". And that the current adventure of military aggression into Ukraine, purposefully constructed by the Armenian "fifth column", is leading Russia to ruin.


But some are beginning to guess about it. Given the total dominance of the Armenian lobby, they do not say anything about it directly, limiting themselves to "transparent hints". The first such "hint" was given by none other than the adventurer Strelkov-Girkin, one of the leaders of the separatist insurgency in the so-called "DPR" in 2014. He later quarrelled with his Kremlin handlers, but for some reason was kept alive by them. Although separatist fighters of lesser rank who did not find common ground with their "handlers" were ruthlessly killed, including the Armenian fighter known as "Givi".


Excerpt from one of Igor Strelkov-Girkin's recent Telegram posts ( ):


"So, Mr. Kalantaryan (better known as "Lavrov") has discovered some startling news: "The West wants to inflict a military defeat on Russia".


Lavrov has revealed the West's intention to "inflict a military defeat" on Russia


 ( In other words, 7 years of "no alternative to the Minsk agreements" which our "best foreign minister in the history of Russia" (c) "wasted" after all.


Well, okay... "Well, I couldn't do it! I couldn't do it!" - as Goldfish said from a famous joke... - It happens! Never mind!


But personally, another question has been gnawing at me for some time now:


"Is it only the West that wants Russia to be defeated militarily? Or is there a very, very influential group of people in power in Russia (the Russian Federation) that not only "wants" but actively promotes an early defeat?


This clearly hints not only at Lavrov-Kalantaryan, but also at his high-ranking compatriots in the Russian Federation, who are also working for Russia's defeat.


Next Strelkov-Girkin, sticking to his old line of "war until the victorious end" writes that "I don't really imagine: "How is the Russian Federation going to militarily CONTROL ALL THE WEST without introducing Martial Law (and, accordingly, without conducting mobilization)?"


 However, it is clear that no amount of mobilisation will save the Russian Federation from defeat in a war with the entire West, which is many times greater in technology, finance, resources and other things than modern Russia.


The question arises whether those who dragged Russia into this military adventure did not know and foresee this. And do they not realise this now, but still continue their "bellicose rhetoric" (Margarita Simonyan) and threaten nuclear strikes?


Apparently, the Armenian "fifth column" in Russia was well aware of the consequences of the military adventure in Ukraine. And, in fact, it deliberately betrayed Russia. And the moral character of the leaders of the Armenian community in Russia shocks even Armenians themselves.


Here is some information from the "Armenian Planet" Telegram channel, where the Armenians themselves talk about what the "colour" of the Armenian community in Russia is like:


"Old junkie Aram Gabrielianov has written a new post about how the Armenian community in Russia should start the process of changing the Armenian government.


We want to help the people of Armenia know better what the Armenian community in Russia is made of, so that Aram Gabrielianov can sleep peacefully.


1) The president of the Armenian community in Russia, working for the FSS, is an illiterate murderer Ara Abramyan.


A man who did not learn the Armenian language, but managed to send about 35 innocent Armenian businessmen to the other side of the world. This is how he created his empire, surrendering Armenians to Chechen mercenaries, sharing part of his assets with the mercenaries and part with the FSS.


2) Garegin II's brother Ezras, the robber of all churches in Russia. The church has been turned into a shopping mall with a hotel, wedding hall, shops and candles sold for $8 each.


He has written several sexy articles for the BBC about the perversions of Ezras' lover, the priest Tigran. British journalists have exposed not only the homosexuals around him, but also their criminal connections to the underworld. For example, sharing money with Norik Akhalkalaktsi.


3) Former Armenian ambassador to Russia, financial swindler Vardan Toganyan, who was able to invest billions of roubles through pressure on businessmen during his ambassadorial tenure.


4) Papyan Rafik, head of the Armenian community in Tula, who went to prison for murder, after which he became a friend of the governor.


He himself commits murders at the behest of the region's businessmen, in return for which he received shopping malls and huge areas in the region.


Every month, all Armenian businessmen of the region pay taxes to him. Armenian communities in 55 regions of Russia live by a similar scheme.


In 16 regions, the leaders of the Armenian community in Russia are former prisoners, while in 8 regions they are criminal masterminds.


5) Kamo Avagumyan, a member of the Karabakh clan who has gained all his business through murder, business repression and racketeering. Robert Kocharian's friend sponsors Armenian disobedience actions and Telegram channels.


6) Karen Mkrtchyan, head of the Armenian community of St Petersburg, appointed there by Bako Sahakyan.


It was Bako's friend who disgraced the community by turning the historic square near the Armenian church into a hotel. Now it is no longer a Sayat Nova read there, and the immoral with their clients rent the premises for parties for a few hours.


Bako's friend holds Armenian businessmen in the palm of his hand and extorts money from them.


7) The Armenian community in Russia - criminal bosses in Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol, who give Chechens the details of wealthy Armenian businessmen for money.


8) The Armenian community of Russia, Ara Abramyan's right-hand man is Artem Vardanyan, who appeared last year in a scandalous story, as four women were sued against him, from whom he took large sums of money but did not return them.


He introduced himself to rich single women, filmed them naked and then blackmailed them.


9) The Armenian community in Russia is a Kolchugin cheat, with a "Nation-Army" team that collects money for the army, while in fact the money is stolen by Artsakh businessmen from the region. It's just a shame.


Never transfer money to such crooks.


10) The One Nation, One Fist Armenian Community in Russia is a fraudulent organization led by Karen Grigoryan, who together with his mistress Karine Shahbazyan helps the "thieves" under the Akhalkalaki OPG law.


Last year, businessman M. Stepanyan was murdered in Russia by these people. According to our information, Karine Shahbazyan receives 10% of the victim's property in exchange for providing information about wealthy Armenians.


11) The Armenian community in Russia disrespects Margarita Simonyan, her cheating husband Tigran Keosayan and bribe-taker Karen Shakhnazarov, who steals state money from Mosfilm.


12) Ruben Vardanyan is another highly rated player. He achieved much thanks to the support of Levon Hayrapetyan, but when the latter died under house arrest, Ruben never called or offered support.


13) Samvel Karapetyan, who occupied a significant share of the real estate market, made a fortune through fraud.


14) The Armenian community in Russia is Ara Abrahamyan's former mistress Lusik Ghukasyan, who is ready to sell her homeland for money without blinking an eye.


15) The Armenian community in Russia is Mariam Mehrabova, a native of "Artsakh", who has never given a concert in the villages of "Artsakh" in her life.


It is a pity that some Karabakhis even use their husband's death to get rich.....


The list could go on endlessly...".


In general, the moral character of the "best representatives of the Armenian nation" in Russia is clear. They behave extremely immorally even towards their fellow Armenians. Will they behave more "nobly" towards Russians and Russia?


And it is unlikely that those who are embedded in the Russian vertical of power and propaganda - the same Kalantaryan, Simonyan, Keosayan and others - are much more moral. Is it any wonder that people with such moral principles are in fact working for Russia's enemies and bringing Russia's defeat and catastrophe of Russian statehood closer?




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