A false exhibition about the mythical "genocide of 1915" was cancelled in St Petersburg

23.04.22 15:10

Defeats in Ukraine seem to be sobering the Russian authorities and they are beginning to make attempts to get out of the piles of lies and falsifications with which the Armenian lobby has been "burdening" Russia for so many years, with the myth of the so-called "genocide" playing a key role among its main falsehoods.


True, this may have been because the international community now accuses Russia of a very real genocide in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities. Against this background, attempts to continue speculating on the "genocide" that allegedly took place 107 years ago in the Ottoman Empire look blasphemous.


The Armenian Regional Youth Association ARYA was going to hold an exhibition in St Petersburg entitled "No to Genocide! But then a question arises - what genocide? Genocide in Ukraine? However, the Kremlin propagandists from among the representatives of "the most ancient people", the same Margarita Simonyan, have completely made a lie and deny the obvious facts of massacres of civilians by Russian soldiers and punitive forces in Ukraine. Although there are thousands of evidences of crimes against humanity in Bucha, Gostomel, Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities.


Then the question also arises - is it possible for them, the representatives of the "most ancient people", to believe the tales they tell about some "genocide" in 1915? Especially since the witnesses of that time have long been dead.


Apparently, the ambiguity of the "genocidal" exhibition became apparent to the St. Petersburg authorities as well.  As a result, the "No to Genocide" exhibition in St. Petersburg, dedicated to the mythical "Armenian genocide", was cancelled the day before its opening. It is symbolic that the decision to cancel the exhibition was made by the St. Petersburg authorities during the visit of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Russia. But it is unlikely that Pashinyan, even if he knew this, was much concerned. On the contrary, he has a far more urgent task - peace and the unblocking of communications with Turkey and Azerbaijan, and it is not he but his revanchist opponents who are raising the "genocidal issue" at this time.


The exhibition in St Petersburg was organised by ardent Armenian nationalists linked to the same sidelined "Karabakh clan" in Armenia. This part of the Armenian lobby will not calm down and still hasn't understood that times have changed and inciting hatred towards Turkey will achieve nothing. But the organizers of the exhibition tried their best:


"Since January 2022, we have been actively working on a project that is very important for the Armenian community of St. Petersburg and the city residents - a multimedia exhibition "No to Genocide!" for the "Armenian Genocide Memorial Day".


We worked on the organization of the exhibition every day, a lot of efforts and resources were spent. We devised a whole programme for the opening ceremony with special guests and media, we prepared guided tours and film screenings, and we arranged free entrance to the exhibition for everyone so that everyone would have the opportunity to visit. This project was really important for us," the ARYA Armenian Regional Youth Association said in a statement.


Note that the fully agreed exhibition, for reasons beyond the organization's control, was disrupted at the very last moment.


"We, personally Chairman of the Council Arshak Smbatovich Hovhannesyan, the Coordination Council of ARYA and activists of the Association, together with the Regional Armenian National Cultural Autonomy of St. Petersburg represented by Karen Romikovich Mkrtchyan, the General Consulate of Armenia represented by Acting Consul General Maria Ashotovich Babayan and other interested structures did our best to make the exhibition take place. We have been working on the issue for a few days non-stop, but it has not been resolved.


We will search for alternative options to hold the exhibition. We will try to do our best to organize an event to commemorate the victims of the 'Armenian genocide' and honour our ancestors," ARYA said.


The propagandistic and utterly false exhibition, for which representatives of the Armenian diaspora had been preparing, was cancelled by the Russian authorities and this shows that they are finally beginning to emerge from the total influence of Armenian nationalists in some way.




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