Parliamentary opposition calls on PM to convene Security Council meeting, and the ruling party to pass a parliamentary resolution in support of Ukraine

24.01.22 15:50

The parliamentary opposition calls on the ruling team to adopt a joint parliamentary resolution in support of Ukraine.


In addition, the initiative of the parliamentary opposition is to activate a group of friends of Georgia and Ukraine and to organize a joint visit of the parliamentary majority and the opposition in Kyiv in the coming days to demonstrate joint support.


At the same time, the opposition said at the parliamentary special briefing that it is necessary to meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense in a committee format in the parliament of Georgia this week to discuss the current events in Ukraine.


"We call on the Prime Minister of Georgia to convene an enlarged meeting of the National Security Council to discuss possible threats to Georgia and the region in the light of Russia's renewed aggression against Ukraine, and to develop appropriate measures.


The resolution in support of Georgia's membership in NATO has also been initiated in the parliament. Parliament should consider and adopt a joint resolution on this issue at the next parliamentary session.


We appeal to the Speaker of the Parliament, the Chairmen of the Foreign Affairs and Defense and Security Committees to immediately start consultations to discuss these issues," the parliamentary opposition demanded.


The initiative was voiced by the parliamentary group "Lelo", "Strategy Builder" and "United National Movement".



source: IPN 

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