Lisa Yasko: We have to achieve Saakashvili's release, this is our plan

21.01.22 15:50

Ukrainian Rada MP Lisa Yasko arrived at the Rustavi 12th Penitentiary to visit the third president, Mikheil Saakashvili, but she was not allowed to enter the facility.


"I have never had a problem to see Mikheil Saakashvili before. Now I have arrived and I am told that no permit has been issued. There are several cases in Ukraine under investigation for the torture and ill-treatment of Ukrainian citizen Mikheil Saakashvili," Yasko said.


As for the visit of Georgian MPs Levan Bezhashvili and Tamar Kordzaia to Ukraine, she said, "these meetings serve to exchange information so that everyone is aware of what is really happening."


"I think this is right. There are too many delegations in Ukraine now due to the situation. We have to achieve Saakashvili's release, this is our plan. It is not possible to wait and accept that he is psychologically or physically destroyed, it is not normal," said Lisa Yasko.



source: IPN 

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