Irakli Kobakhidze: National Movement and Gakharia's party are in a coalition

20.01.22 16:30

National Movement and Gakharia's party are in a coalition, Irakli Kobakhidze, the chairman of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party, said, responding to the election of a member of the party "For Georgia" as the chairman of Tsalenjikha Assembly.


As Kobakhidze noted, the coalition was formed in Tsalenjikha after Chkhorotsku municipality.


"They no longer need to be blamed, a direct coalition has already been formed in the second municipality. The first was Chkhorotsku, the second is Tsalenjikha. This reveals what we were saying before the municipal elections.

A real alliance is formed between them and it is formed in the form of a coalition in specific municipalities. The fact that the National Movement and Gakharia's party are in a coalition is no longer a secret and they are already talking openly and not only talking, but they are also making relevant decisions," Kobakhidze said.


For reference, Kornely Salia, a member of the party For Georgia, was elected chairman of the Tsalenjikha City Assembly today. He was supported by the opposition. Members of the Georgian Dream did not take part in the voting.



source: IPN 

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