Georgia to participate in virtual MCCS

12.01.22 12:30

NATO’s highest Military Authority, the Military Committee, will meet virtually on 12-13 January 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.


According to the NATO press service, the two-day meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session (MCCS) will enable the Chiefs of Defence to meet and discuss issues of strategic importance to the Alliance.


The NATO Secretary-General will open the second day of the bi-annual meeting by providing an overview of the current political context to the 30 Chiefs of Defence. That will be followed by a 360-degree update on the current security situation and a discussion on NATO’s ongoing Deterrence and Defence Posture.


The Chiefs of Defence will then meet with their Georgian and Ukrainian counterparts, respectively, to discuss the security situation in their Nations, as well as the ongoing progress with defence-related reforms.



source: 1TV

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