BDO: the most recognized brand on business advisory market in Georgia

26.10.21 10:00

BDO was named top of mind business advisory brand by the respondents of the survey conducted through the cooperation of GEPRA consulting and the research agency Trajectory.


The survey aimed to explore the awareness and overall consumer perception of audit, business advisory and IT advisory brands in Georgia. Large and medium sized businesses across 15 industries were selected for the survey by random sampling, and economics and business experts were also interviewed in the process.


BDO leads the survey results with brand recognition and market leader perception in Georgia.


Notable mentions by many respondents involve BDO’s uniquely diverse services and powerful digital transformation stream deemed by them as affirmation of the firm’s constant development to bring more value to the client service process. The survey portrays BDO as one of the most responsive and approachable brands on the market, citing the ease of communication, flexibility of proposals, convenience of reaching out for a recommendation or advice.


More responses on overall brand perception include excellent reputation, best value for money, professionalism and the most local global brand.


For over 21 years now BDO has been an ambassador of global values of the brand in Georgia, demonstrating commitment to excellence and promoting unique relationship culture.


As a global brand, BDO is devoted to deliver exceptional client service, yet it is crucial to understand how strongly it is represented locally to continue building on the global reputation in Georgia. The survey aimed to establish the overall perception of the BDO brand and the awareness of its services in Georgia.


Zurab Lalazashvili, Managing Partner says: “We are thrilled to ascertain that BDO is well known and respected in business circles and perceived as leader on the audit and business advisory market here in Georgia. This survey allows us to know where we are now and move from the point forward, basing firmly on our core values for doing business in the modern world. We are committed to deliver the best solutions for our clients and help them achieve their goals.

For this we rely strongly on technology and how it urges all of us to rethink business processes because digital transformation truly offers limitless opportunities. To witness the result of our efforts today, the high appreciation of our brand, motivates us to build on our work and lead through knowledge and innovation.”




source: IPN 

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