Kakha Kaladze: Socially vulnerable pensioners will receive 500 GEL vouchers

20.10.21 13:30

According to the new program, socially vulnerable pensioners will receive 500 GEL vouchers to be able to buy various medicines prescribed by a family doctor, - Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said at the government meeting.


According to him, the voucher will be for medicines that are needed for the treatment of cardiovascular, chronic diseases. The goal of the program will be to help pensioners to purchase painkillers.


"This support will cost the budget about 20 million GEL. 40,000 socially vulnerable pensioners will benefit from this program. In the last 4 years, up to 2,000,000 people in Tbilisi have been assisted in various directions, and we will always be by the side of the families and people who still need help and support,” said Kakha Kaladze.



source: IPN 

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