Nika Melia challenges Kakha Kaladze to a debate

20.10.21 10:00

Nika Melia, chairman of the United National Movement, Tbilisi mayoral candidate of the opposition, challenges Kakha Kaladze, Tbilisi mayoral candidate of the Georgian Dream, to an open debate.


Nika Melia posted the relevant statement on the social network.


"The coalition program and the multi-party team will become an important stage in the rapid development of Tbilisi.


We will talk about this in detail tomorrow - whether it is a 100 GEL supplement to the pension, or a free food program for Tbilisi high schools, economic development of the city or infrastructure. Everything that was announced and much more detail tomorrow.


In response, the incumbent mayor of Tbilisi, instead of talking about the problems of Tbilisi, went for a campaign of hatred, which is very unfortunate.


I offer an open debate to Mr. Kaladze. Let us publicly inform the people of Tbilisi about the ways of our plans and the solution to their problems!


At any time, on any air - not in a staged but in a real debate - face to face! Let's talk about our capital, which is more than politics, without hatred and insults", - Nika Melia wrote on Facebook.



source: IPN 

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