According to Alexander Ankvab, the epidemic situation in occupied Abkhazia is alarming

15.10.21 17:30

After certain stabilization of the situation, there is an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the situation is alarming, - said the so-called prime minister of the occupied Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab.


"Minister of health" Eduard Butba, also confirmed that the epidemic situation in the region has deteriorated.


"Recently, the rate of daily infections is increasing. On December 12, a daily anti-infection record of 235 cases was recorded. About 85-90% of the identified cases are of Delta strain", - said the so-called minister.


According to him, the number of hospitalized patients is increasing and the coronavirus departments in hospitals are overcrowded.


To date, a total of 29,496 people have been infected with the coronavirus in occupied Abkhazia, of which 430 have died.



source: IPN 

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