Law and Justice movement: Rustaveli Avenue must stir

15.10.21 11:40

“Rustaveli should stir. In addition to protecting the third president, we must show the government that we are here for them not to dare to rig the vote,” said Tako Charkviani, Chairwoman of the Law and Justice party at the UNM-organized rally.


According to Charkviani, the government is used to counting heads during the protest rallies because it does not value the citizens. According to Charkviani, individuals built states as she named public figures, who left their unerasable and remarkable trace in the history of Georgia.


“The state is people, and people are here. People are hungry and humiliated. Values misappropriated, borders demolished, the army destroyed, and national currency devaluated,” Tako Charkviani claimed.


The rally organized by the opposition United National Movement (UNM) party under the slogan Free Misha is underway at Freedom Square in Tbilisi in support and solidarity with imprisoned ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili. UNM supporters and people arrived from different regions of Georgia to join the protest.



source: 1TV

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