Georgian Dream survey: Ruling party in Batumi has 49.2% support, National Movement - 29.8% and For Georgia - 4.1%

20.09.21 13:10

According to a survey conducted by the Georgian Dream, the ruling party in Batumi has 49.2% support, the National Movement 29.8% and the Party for Georgia 4.1%.


As for other parties, according to the survey, Girchi - More Freedom has 2.8% support, Lelo - 2.1%, Alliance of Patriots - 1.9%, Third Force - 1.2%, Citizens - 1.2%, Labor Party - 1.1%, European Georgia - 1.1%, Girchi - 0.6% and other parties - 4.9%.


"According to the survey, all seven majoritarian candidates of the Georgian Dream will win the elections convincingly. Accordingly, if the Batumi City Council elections ends with these results, the mandates of the City Council members will be distributed among the parties as follows: Georgian Dream - 24, National Movement - 10, For Georgia - 1 mandate,” - said Shalva Papuashvili, a member of the Georgian Dream.


As for the ratings of the Batumi mayoral candidates, as Papuashvili noted, 54.1% of respondents would vote for Archil Chikovani, the Georgian Dream mayoral candidate, if the Batumi mayoral election were held tomorrow.


“According to the survey, 30.6% would vote for Giorgi Kirtadze, the UNM mayoral candidate. 4.6% would vote for Irakli Mikeladze, the candidate of For Georgia, and 2.1% for Giorgi Putkaradze, the mayoral candidate of Girchi - More Freedom. Bondo Guguladze, the mayoral candidate of the Alliance of Patriots, would be supported by 1.9%, independent candidate Kakhaber Tsiskaridze - by 1.2% support, while other candidates would receive 5.5%.


As you can see, the mayoral candidate of the Georgian Dream has very strong chances to win the elections in the first round with a big advantage. Of course, everything will depend on the turnout on October 2,” Papuashvili said.


The survey fieldwork was conducted from September 13-17. A total of 2690 respondents were interviewed, of which 87.9% of respondents named their favorite party. The margin of error is 3%.





Source: IPN 


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