In January-August 2021, China was the largest export country for Georgia, and Turkey was the largest importer

20.09.21 11:55

In January-August 2021, the share of the ten largest exporting countries in Georgia's total exports amounted to 77.7 percent. Preliminary data on Georgia's foreign trade are published by the National Statistics Office.


According to preliminary data from Geostat, China ranks first in the top three largest exports with 421.8 million. In US dollars, Russia is in second place - 377.1 million. USD, and Azerbaijan - 347.0 mln. In US dollars.

At the same time, in January-August of the current year, the share of the ten largest import partner countries in the total import of Georgia amounted to 67.8 percent. Turkey is in the top three - 1 075.4 million. In US dollars, Russia - 634.8 million. USD and China - 519.5 mln. In US dollars.


According to preliminary data from Geostat, in January-August, copper ores and concentrates took the first place in the top ten exports of commodity groups with 517.9 million. In US dollars, accounting for 19.8 per cent of total exports. The second place is taken by cars with 293.4 million. USD, and in third place are ferroalloys with 265.5 million. In US dollars.

And, the largest import commodity group in January-August 2021 was presented in the form of passenger cars, whose imports amounted to 547.6 million. USD and accounted for 9.0 per cent of total imports. The second place was occupied by oil and oil products 492.1 mln. USD, while in third place are copper ores and concentrates with 445.9 mln. In US dollars.



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