Putin's strange 'self-isolation' and Kalantarov's 'false start' in Dushanbe

17.09.21 10:20

The events of recent days indicate that the "transit of power" is quite a real prospect for the near political future in Russia. How else to explain the strange "self-isolation" of the head of state, Vladimir Putin, not only a few days before the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation but also on the eve of the "fateful" summit of the leaders of the CSTO and SCO countries in Dushanbe. Moreover, at a "turning point" in the history of Eurasia, when the US military left neighboring Afghanistan and power in this country passed to the Taliban.


It would seem that it is high time for the leader of the country, which claims to be a "regional superpower", Vladimir Putin, "to be at the forefront." Arrive in Dushanbe. Moreover, everyone understands that political changes in Afghanistan are a serious challenge to regional security, Russia itself, and its geopolitical interests.


And suddenly, at this most crucial moment, the leader of the Russian Federation seemed to be "afraid of the coronavirus" (despite his vaccination, as reported by the pro-government media in the Russian Federation) and went into "self-isolation." Quite strange behavior, against the background of the fact that the same Taliban were not afraid of the virus or the United States.


However, if we assume that Vladimir Putin has nevertheless decided to “retire to political peace” and “give way to successors,” then this decision is quite logical. And it is also logical that we should have seen his "successor" in Dushanbe. Or "successors".


They were there. And both. Kavkazplus has already written about claims to leadership in Russia by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Kalantarov) and Foreign Minister Sergei Shoigu in the article "Why did Kalantarov remember Stalin?" ( And of course, given the "almost fateful" meeting of the SCO leaders in Dushanbe, there could be a "presentation" of the same Lavrov-Kalantarov, who arrived at this meeting (instead of Putin), as a potential leader of Russia.


But if such a scenario (an Armenian at the head of a huge Russia) is desirable for some geopolitical forces (Vatican, France, and, of course, the Armenian lobby), then other geopolitical forces, also powerful, are clearly against him.


Yes, of course, ethnic Armenians fulfill well the “technical tasks” of certain global players, but they are not allowed to go above a predetermined “ceiling”. As soon as they begin to think too much about themselves and allow themselves "more than what is agreed", then they are abruptly "put in place." Or, in general, they are “sent to the political junk”. The fate of the recently all-powerful Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, who was unexpectedly dismissed, is the most eloquent example.


And now, only Lavrov-Kalantarov was going to "shine" in Dushanbe, only the Kremlin propagandists headed by Margarita Simonyan were prepared to describe his "toughness and genius", how a "super throw" was organized into the information field, literally "smearing on the wall" the image of the head of the Foreign Ministry RF. Moreover, the channel through which this "information stuffing" was made suggests that the decision was made to discredit Lavrov-Kalantarov at a very high global level.


To avoid unnecessary questions about how "authoritative" the information channel is, Time magazine on the eve included Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in its list of "100 most influential people in the world". And on the first day of Sergey Lavrov Kalantarov's stay in Dushanbe, Navalny's website posted the material “Yachts, bribes and a mistress. What is Minister Lavrov hiding ”(


The topic of the article is "the double life of Lavrov-Kalantarv":


“Putin admires him and puts him at the very top of United Russia’s list in the State Duma. For voters to see his name and think "oh, how I want such a deputy, I will vote for United Russia." Lavrov in all polls is almost more popular than Putin himself. He is super famous and the Russians trust him.

But in vain. It’s in vain. And thanks to Important Stories, we learned why.

Investigative journalists have found out that for many years Lavrov has lived a double life. In public, he is a decent family man with 50 years of marriage behind him, a modest hard worker who, by the standards of United Russia, lives quite poorly. Traditional values, conservatism, braces. And in fact, all this time he has a secret second family, a mistress, littered with expensive cars and elite real estate in Moscow, Moscow region, and London".


And then it is described in detail how the "family" of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fattening at the expense of the Russian taxpayers and profitably "selling on the occasion at a fair price" the geopolitical interests of Russia.

The corresponding video was also posted on the YouTube channel:



This video received over 1 million views in the first 7 hours.


In general, the blow to the image of Sergei Lavrov was dealt unexpectedly and very eloquently. By the way, the issue of the ethnic origin of Lavrov (Kalantarva) is not raised on Navalny's website and YouTube channel. However, it is clear. Kalantarov is unworthy to be not only the leader of the Russian Federation but also the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. And not because he is Armenian, but because he is a thief and a scoundrel. This is the conclusion that the citizens of Russia should draw.




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