Biden orders employees of big businesses to be vaccinated or face testing

10.09.21 10:10

US President Joe Biden has announced sweeping new Covid-19 measures that require workers at large companies to be vaccinated or face weekly testing.


The measures include a vaccine mandate for millions of federal government workers and come as Mr Biden faces pressure to combat a surge in cases.


Over 650,000 Americans have died with Covid-19 and hospitals are at capacity.


The president had promised a "summer of freedom" from the virus, but the Delta variant has seen infections surge.


In an address at the White House on Thursday, Mr Biden directed the US Department of Labor to require all private businesses with 100 or more staff to mandate the jab or request proof of a negative coronavirus test from employees at least once a week.


The order will affect about 80 million workers.

The president's plan uses the full force of his executive power to mandate the jab for unvaccinated Americans.




source: IPN 

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