Salome Zurabishvili: European Court of Human Rights ruled unprecedented decision for Georgia

19.07.19 11:00

The European Court of Human Rights, thus Europe, has ruled an unprecedented decision for Georgia, – said Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili.


President responded to the decision made by the Strasbourg Court over Rustavi 2 case.


“By this decision, the Strasbourg Court recognized the impartiality of the Georgian court and the fairness of its decisions. Thus, the court expressed confidence in our justice system. This trust provides a solid foundation for initiating the fourth wave of judicial reform and, therefore, strengthening of our democracy. By this decision, the Strasbourg Court once again emphasizes two principles on which democracy and Europe stand: the inviolability of private property and human life. As the defender of these rights guaranteed by the Constitution, I fully share the spirit of the European Court’s judgment and the necessity of implementing these principles. In addition, I believe that freedom of speech and expression in Georgia, as one of the major democratic principles, is not under the threat, “- said Salome Zurabishvili.



source: 1TV/ 1tv.ge

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