Vice Mayor: Overhead Railway Construction Works to Start in 2020

18.07.19 18:00

MC Mobility Consultants GmbH, the Austrian consulting company invited by Government of Georgia, has launched research works for designing overhead railway construction works for Rustavi.

Rustavi vice mayor Besik Togonbdize told BM.Ge that the research process will determine whether the aboveground line to Rustavi will start from Samgori or Tbilisi Airport.


Representatives of the Austrian company requested information from Rustavi City hall about number of passengers transported from Rustavi to Tbilisi for a day, the vice mayor noted.


Consequently, Rustavi City Hall has carried out monitoring of the passenger flow, jointly with the civil sector. Based on the research results, minibus taxis carry 25 000 passengers from Rustavi to Tbilisi. Moreover, about 2 000 passengers use minivans and taxis and Gardabani-Tbilisi train.


“Supposedly the aboveground line will start from Lilo or Tbilisi Airport”, Besik Togonidze said.


The designing works will end in 2020 and the construction works will start in the same year. The project value is 90 million USD.


The project calls for building 8 new stations to serve 200 000 persons in addition.



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