“Trojan horses” of separatism are imported in Javakheti. The Armenian billionaire donated 5 times more to the “Free Javakhk” than to the “Rose Revolution”!

18.07.19 12:30

Armenian nationalists set fire to the Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti from two sides. The destructive actions of the separatist organization “Javakhk Diaspora of Russia”, whose leaders were entrenched in Moscow, are well known. Even more dangerous is the support of “Javakhk” separatism on the part of the Armenian lobby in the West.


After a telethon to raise funds among the Armenian diaspora "for the needs of Armenians of Javakhk" was held in the US, many immediately remembered similar events of the same American Armenian diaspora "in support of the Armenians of Artsakh."


As a result, this telethon has contributed money to the conduct of the war and the occupation of Azerbaijani Karabakh. There was a serious suspicion that the same plans were being prepared for the Georgian Samtskhe-Javakheti.


Last events only confirm these concerns.


Information about the instigators of “Javakh” separatism “from the west” was recently published on its Facebook page by the Georgian analyst Shota Apkhaidze, drawing attention to one of the main provocateurs -  Alexander Sosnovsky. This is the editor-in-chief of the German magazine World Economy, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a publicist, a writer, a professor at the International Academy for the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the World, an associate professor at the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Hamburg. A citizen of Germany and Israel.


Alexander Sosnovsky is the author of the “Free Javakheti” plan and project. Paterson Belknap finances the project; its owner is an American billionaire and a politician of Armenian origin, Kerkoryan. Over the past 20 years, Sosnowski received around $ 250 million from Kerkoryan to implement the Free Javakheti plan (Free Javakhk).



“After the last exacerbation of the Russian-Georgian relations in the program “Right to vote”, Roman Babayan at ТВЦ Sosnovsky impudently lied that in Samtskhe-Javakheti Georgians, they say,“remake” violently Armenian monasteries and temples as Georgian! That the Georgians in the Caucasus "are unknown and incomprehensible where they came from"! That Georgians are not humans, savage barbarians, without history and without a nation! He live TVC called on the Armenian population of Javakheti for an armed war with Georgians! ... I think the Georgian authorities should pay attention to this acute problem before it is too late to fundamentally cross the ethnic conflict in Samtskhe-Javakheti,”said Shota Apkhaidze.


Recall that the American billionaire of Armenian origin Kirk Kerkoryan was one of the main sponsors of the “Artsakh” separatist project. He made multi-million contributions to the so-called "Artsakh Foundation", supporting Armenian separatism in Nagorno-Karabakh. And in 1992, Kirk Kerkoryan once donated $ 224 million to the Republic of Armenia for the Karabakh war.


Kirk Kerkoryan interfered in the internal affairs of Georgia.


According to the information of the late Marat Mussin, the head of the Anna-News information agency registered in the separatist Abkhazia ( “50 million dollars were received by Shevardnadze from American billionaire of Armenian origin Kirk Kerkoryan for the transfer of power in the country to “Armenian” Mishiko Saakashvili. For reference: Kirk Kerkorian is an American entrepreneur, a billionaire of Armenian origin. President and owner of the holding company Tracinda Corporation, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. According to Forbes magazine, Kerkorian’s general fortune in 2009 was $ 5 billion (98th place in the Forbes list of billionaires). He is known as one of the main business figures of Las Vegas and as the "father of megarisort".


Marat Musin initially worked for a long time in the Armenian lobby. But it did not fully follow “in its course”, in particular, in Syria. For what, most likely, and paid - he suspiciously suddenly died a little over a year ago on May 5, 2018.


In principle, the big issue is the Armenian roots of Saakashvili (here, most likely, the Armenians desire to wishful thinking). But the information of Marat Mussin, who worked closely with the Russian special services that Kerkorkyan gave Shevardnadze money “for the coming of Saakashvili”, can be trusted.


The fact that later Saakashvili did not justify the hopes of Kerkoryan and began to pursue the “Armenian” Javakhk separatists is another matter. He is possibly closely connected with the financing of the “free Javakhk” program by the same Kerkoryan.


Knowing the information on the alleged financing of Kerkorian by the coming to power of Saakashvili in 2004, you need to look at the order of numbers.


Kerkorian allocated $ 250 million for the Free Javakhk. This is more than the amount that he donated to the Karabakh war in 1992. And five (!) times more money, allegedly allocated by him to win the “rose revolution” in Georgia (which apparently did not meet all his expectations).


In itself, such generous financing of “Javakhk” separatism by the richest Armenian billionaire says a lot.


Kirk Kerkorian died in 2015. But his cause of supporting “great Armenia,” or rather, Armenian aggression against neighboring states, lives on. Relevant structures work. Including Paterson Belknap. Apparently, they are actively continuing to finance "Javakhk" separatism.




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