Armenians of Javakheti "must be saved", and Georgia "cannot be forgiven" and "must be finished off"

15.07.19 19:25

Taking advantage of the exacerbation of Russian-Georgian relations, the Armenian lobby began to actively promote the separation of Samtskhe-Javakheti from Georgia with the help of Russia “insulted by the Georgians”, since, as they say, the Armenian population in Samtskhe-Javakheti is “being restricted”.


As a result of recent events related to the insult of Vladimir Putin on the air of “Rustavi 2” and his reaction, the program “Georgia - check and mate” was broadcast on the Russian channel ТВЦ with anchor Roman Babayan. ( And here, Alexander Sosnovsky, the editor-in-chief of the German World Economy magazine, specially invited to the studio, showed special aggressiveness towards Georgia, who specifically focused on Samtskhe-Javakheti’s “unfortunate” Armenians (from about 42 minutes 53 seconds):


 “There is one more problem, which under Saakashvili received its development about it is now silence, and it can flare up at any time. This is Javakheti. Javakheti is a district of Georgia in which Armenians mostly lived and live and in which Georgia is still pursuing its policy of destroying the Armenian language, changing Armenian churches to Georgian, and changing teaching in schools and kindergartens. And this problem exists; they simply do not talk about it. It exists in Georgia. And when in Georgia it will once again flare up, but it will be necessary again to recall Saakashvili, in which, in principle, this was developed. Therefore, let us look at Georgia not as a country that is going to live in peace, with Ossetia with Abkhazia, or with someone else, but as a country that has a lot of its internal ethnic problems, which it has not yet solved. And now we have received this surge (meaning the scandal with “Rustavi-2”), which, in my opinion, cannot be forgiven,” - said Alexander Sosnovsky on the TV show “Right to vote”.


It is clear that here all lies, especially against the background of the fact that it is the Armenians who seize and destroy the Georgian churches. One gets the impression that Roman Babayan specifically summoned Sosnovsky so that he would raise the issue of “Javakhk” Armenians in the program. The topic of Javakheti for those who understand the situation was generally key in this program.


The Georgian political analyst, Shota Apkhaidze, who, on his Facebook page, underlines how seriously certain forces have taken on the topic of “javakh” separatism paid attention to this:


“I carefully watched the program “Right to vote “Georgia: check and mate?”. After watching, I was once again convinced that the current artificial crisis in the Russian-Georgian relationship is being created once again by the “well-wishers” of Georgians and Russians. Roman Babayan made a program only to pour oil into the fire and raise the topic of the separation of Javakheti from Georgia! It is not by chance that Alexander Sosnovsky found himself from Germany right in the studio in Moscow; he has been taking money in New York from “Patterson Belknap” for 20 years to incite ethnic hatred between Georgians and Armenians in Samtskhe-Javakheti!


I hope that our brothers Armenians, first of all, the citizens of Georgia will not succumb to provocation, reasonably weigh the situation and take a free position!”


But Roman Babayan and Alexander Sosnovsky call not to the mind, but to aggressive emotions. The same Sosnovsky in the same program says the following:


“You can’t spare your opponents. August 13, 2008, when it was possible to solve the problem, when it arose through no fault of Russia. They did not want to solve this problem, they chose the path that the Georgian people were not to blame, ”said Alexander Sosnovsky about the latest Russian-Georgian aggravation.


According to Sosnovsky, in conditions when international political practice imposes restrictions without regard to the interests of ordinary citizens, Russia "must respond to its opponents symmetrically."


“Georgian people are really not guilty. But, nevertheless, the war was unleashed through no fault of Russia. And when it was possible to close all problems and claims of Saakashvili in one fell swoop, to solve all the issues and nothing else would arise, they did not. It has been 11 years and got again the same thing that was. We need to finish off our enemies, ”Sosnovsky stressed.


Alexander Sosnovsky also noted that, despite the fact that there are many people in Georgia who are loyal to Russia; this cannot serve as a pretext for a soft policy towards Tbilisi.


“They apply sanctions against Russia. They say that someone is specifically to blame, but all of Russia suffers and no one asks why the Russian people are suffering! They say: Russia is to blame, let's apply sanctions,”said Alexander Sosnovsky.


“And they apply these sanctions not only to specific individuals, but to firms that employ people who have no relation to this. And no one asks! When the Americans, the British or the Germans need, they apply sanctions against the country, without asking themselves questions. Take Iran - no one wondered how the Iranian people live!” added Sosnovsky.


The Armenian lobby in Russia consciously seeks to further stir up the conflict between Georgia and Russia, and also to ensure that during the next round of this conflict, Samtskhe-Javkheti “explodes” by the Armenian separatist rebellion. As a result, they have the intention, with the help of the same Russians, to finally dismember and destroy Georgia.


That is why in the media controlled by the Armenian lobby and on television programs (such as “right to vote” on the ТВЦ with the leading Roman Babayan), the broadcast is specifically and consciously provided to such aggressive Alexander Sosnovsky, who has Georgia phobia.


Calm down on the fact that the most acute crisis in the Russian-Georgian relations passed too early isn’t right. At any moment it can consciously "ignite". For which any provocations are possible - right up to political assassinations and deliberate provoking riots.




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