MIA starts to dismantle the iron barricades erected near the village of Gumati

17.06.21 17:00

he Ministry of Internal Affairs started to dismantle the iron barricades erected for security reasons near the village of Gumati in Tskaltubo Municipality.



According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police officers will stay in Gumati and Rioni gorge due to security measures and will maintain public order.



According to the Ministry, the MIA, as an agency responsible for maintaining law and order, calls on the citizens who oppose the construction of the Namakhvani HPP to abide by the law during exercising the right of assembly and freedom of expression and to obey the lawful demands of the police. In case of revealing any fact of violation, the police will act in accordance with the law and will respond to each such case consistently.





source: IPN 

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