Melbourne animation fest to bring spotlight to Georgian filmmakers’ acclaimed shorts

12.07.19 17:40

From a granny sewing an endless piece of cloth to a girl discovering a lighthouse in a dark forest, stories in animation form by Georgian filmmakers will come to the Melbourne International Animation Festival this Sunday.


The Australian event will dedicate a screening date in its programme, under the title Window on Georgian Animation, to seven short works produced between 2013-2018.


The Pocket Man from Ana Chubinidze, a tale of friendship through a “simple and touching story” (Montreal International Children’s Film Festival) will bring the director’s acclaimed film to viewers at the Treasury Theatre.


Placing two improbably different protagonists in the plot, Chubinidze shows a chance encounter turning into a close relationship between them, with a “loving humour” emerging from the script.




source: AGENDA/ agenda.ge

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