World Bank to support Georgia's human capital development efforts

12.07.19 11:15

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and the World Bank's Regional Director for the South Caucasus Sebastian Molineus spoke of “close cooperation” between the World Bank and the Government of Georgia at a meeting on the sidelines of the Batumi International Conference.


Sebastian Molineus said the World Bank will support the Georgian Government's efforts in human capital development to help the country transform into the regional leader, PM Bakhtadze’s press office reported.


At the meeting the two officials hailed investment projects carried out in Georgia with the financial support of the World Bank. They also emphasised the need to promote innovative projects and Georgia's "far-reaching" educational reform.


Georgia is among 20 countries in which the World Bank implements its initiative ‘Human Capital Project’– a global effort to accelerate more and better investments in people for greater equity and economic growth.




source: AGENDA/

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