Foreign Minister calls Putin’s decision “the only right decision in this situation”

10.07.19 14:10

I think that was the only right decision in this situation, - Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani said when commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision not to impose sanctions on Georgia" because of respect for the Georgian people. "


According to him, the provocative statements might have had grave consequences for the country and now the decision of the Russian President should be hailed.


"Don’t you hail it? The irresponsible, destructive and provocative statements might have had the hardest consequences for the country. These statements were aimed exactly at this, at the very reaction we saw in the Russian State Duma”, Zalkaliani said.


The minister also recalled the Russian embargo imposed in 2006 and noted that it did not have no good consequences for the country.


"We remember well what happened in 2006. Do we want the Georgians to be expelled again? This was an irresponsible decision. The government should take care of its citizens,"- said Zalkaliani.




source: IPN/ interpressnews.ge

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