Deputy Minister of Health says whether or not strict restrictions will be imposed again depends on society

06.04.21 14:30

According to the Deputy Minister of Health, Tamar Gabunia, whether or not strict restrictions will be imposed in the country depends on the society.


As Gabunia explained, at this stage, only the tightening of the measures already imposed is being considered, however, if the number of people infected with coronavirus increases, certain mechanisms of restricting mobility will be used again.


At the same time, according to Gabunia, it is extremely important to stop organizing large gatherings, weddings and other social events and to hold them in a limited way.


"First of all, it is extremely important to have an extended testing program, both in the business environment and in the populated areas, where there is an increase in cases. Also, the second very important measure is the strict, precise execution of the regulations already imposed. Our Labor Inspection Service, as well as law enforcement agencies involved in the enforcement process, will strengthen efforts, but the public responsibility is very important”, she said.




source: IPN 


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