'Hi Rob' or how Kocharyan killed Armenians of Georgia Samtskhe-Javakheti

23.03.21 19:10

Some Armenian nationalists disillusioned Pashinyan and occurred under his leadership defeat of Armenian occupiers begin to hope for a return to power as it won (though Russian bayonets) the first Karabakh war the so-called "Karabakh clan", headed by Robert Kocharyan.


Terrible bloody crimes Kocharian and organization of the peaceful Azerbaijani population of Karabakh genocide, in particular Khojaly, Armenian nationalism perceived woozy "positive." Share much of their sympathy for the Karabakh clan, Robert Kocharian, and the Armenian separatists living in the Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti.


According to the most obsessed with nationalism "Javakhk" separatists and Samtskhe-Javakheti have to spend the same ethnic cleansing is not the Armenian population, which was held in Karabakh. However, for some reason, are not separatists ask themselves the question: if a person behaves in relation to non-Armenians, as a bloody maniac and executioner, then do it in the event that will be a different attitude and Armenians?


Meanwhile, in February 2021 in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan resumed the trial for the murder of Poghos Poghosian committed in 2001 in Yerevan café "Aragast". In fact, it is a crime - contract murder committed by Robert Kocharyan handed his guard against a representative of the Armenian community of Georgia Poghos Poghosian. Killed was careless enough to appeal to the familiar, so to speak, "the national hero of the Armenian people" (but really bloody Khojaly executioner) Robert Kocharyan.


About this matter as of March 17, 2021 telegram-channel "Union of Armenians» ( Here are excerpts from the post:


"In 2001, Armenia from Georgia's Javakheti came one Poghos Poghosyan, who on September 25 with friends went to the cafe" Sail ", which was Robert Kocharyan - jazz enrich its provincial flavor. It is unknown whether Poghosyan was a bit "tipsy" or was immensely pleased to meet with the president, but he said the phrase "Hello, Rob", resulting in Robert Kocharyan's bodyguards severely beaten Poghosian the toilet institutions - to death. A few days after the murder of Robert Kocharian stated cynically that if Poghos Poghosyan was alive, he would have something to say. One of the bodyguards - Aghamal Harutyunyan Cook named, was sentenced to two years probation. Here in this way, Robert Kocharian defended his criminal environment."


Standard situation: coming from the "oppressed by the Tbilisi regime," as they like to talk the Armenian nationalists in Samtskhe-Javakheti Armenian capital Yerevan resident of Georgia, of Armenian descent, decided to relax in the café, where, to his misfortune on the day paid a visit Robert Kocharyan. Trying to "say hello" to the leader of the nation and cost Poghos Poghosyan life.


Armenian community representatives later repeatedly reminded Robert Kocharyan about this crime. Back in 2018, activists and members of the initiative "Hi Rob," broke in Yerevan Plaza and disrupted a press conference the former president Robert Kocharyan. But since then, unfortunately, neither this nor other crimes Robert Kocharian held accountably.


For the intoxicated separatists, residents of the Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti of Armenian origin, the story that happened to their fellow countrymen should serve as a lesson. After all, an executioner and a murderer are always an executioner and a murderer. If he killed Azerbaijanis, he will kill Armenians without batting an eye. Only for the fact that they had the imprudence to say a phrase he did not like.



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