Kalantarov and his Abkhaz separatist 'slaves'

06.03.21 12:00

Even the timid attempts of the Abkhaz separatists to establish "informal contacts" with the Georgian authorities are harshly suppressed by their "masters". So after Abkhaz businessman Benur Kviraya, who resigned as the “official” assistant to the separatist “president” Aslan Bzhania, visited the unoccupied territory of Georgia, the “masters” of separatist Abkhazia from the Armenian lobby immediately gave a command to their intoxicated nationalism supporters. And they staged an "indignant Maidan" in Sukhumi on March 2, 2021, calling both the puppet president Aslan Bzhania and his people "traitors."


Benur Kviraya had to humiliate himself and, "shielding" Aslan Bzhania, swear that he traveled to Tbilisi "on his own initiative." And for the sake of economic projects, "trade and investment", etc.


But the "owners" forbid their separatist "slaves" to trade with Georgia. At the same rally in Sukhumi, former separatist "Gauleiter" of the Georgian-populated Gali region Temur Nadaraya, famous for extortion and abuse of the Georgian population, recalled that the separatist "president" Sergei Bagapsh had once issued a "decree" banning trade with Georgia. Moreover, the separatist ultranationalist "opposition" wants to completely ban trade and economic relations with Georgia "until the political issue - the status of independence of Abkhazia on the part of Georgia is resolved." Naturally, it never will.


Abkhazians are not even allowed to trade with Georgia. And with whom is it allowed?


This for the separatists "lucidly explained" by their real owner - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov-Kalantarov. On March 3, the day after the anti-Georgian Sabbath in Sukhumi, Kalantarov received in Moscow the so-called. "Minister of Foreign Affairs" of occupied Abkhazia Daur Kove, where they signed the so-called. Consultation Plan 2021-2022. In fact, this is a plan for the "absorption" of Abkhazia by Russia and Kalantarov's tribesmen.


At the same time, Lavrov-Karantarov said that the document would allow "to continue to interact systematically, effectively and efficiently":


“We have good growth in trade turnover for 2020. According to the Federal Customs Service, more than $ 250 million. These are serious numbers."


The hint is clear! There is nothing for you, Abkhazians, to trade with your Georgian brothers. Trade with the Russian Federation, through Armenian businessmen, enriching the Armenian community, and that's the only way!

Then Kalantarov continued:


“And, of course, we continue to cooperate in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. We saw how well our military medics were received, who set up a mobile hospital in Abkhazia and helped our Abkhaz friends for several months. Civilian medical staff also worked there. I hope that the trend that is observed now in Russia is also taking place in the Republic of Abkhazia. I mean reducing the number of infected. In any case, this is the topic on which our cooperation will continue."


But not only doctors are sent to separatist Abkhazia by Sergei Lavrov-Karantarov. This is where the ever-increasing flow of Armenian migrants from the Republic of Armenia and the liquidated separatist "Artsakh" goes.


And what can the Abkhaz do about this, whose share in the population of the separatist territory is literally melting before our eyes? Never mind! They are "allowed" only to enrich the settlers, buying from their beggarly incomes from the Armenian businessmen the goods imported from Russia at an exorbitant price.


Any unauthorized contacts with Abkhazians with Georgia are strictly suppressed, and those who participate in them are declared “traitors”.


In fact, the Abkhaz people under the occupation were turned into powerless serf "slaves" of Lavrov Kalantarov and his "clerks". And there are no ways to get rid of this slavery without real de-occupation of Abkhazia and reconciliation with the brotherly Georgian people.




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