The revelation of a Turkophobe and an "Armenianophile": "if Georgia will sleep peacefully in the future, then Armenia is unlikely to do it"

08.02.21 8:30

It was hardly possible until recently to find such a fierce Turkophobe, Azeriophobe, and even a Georgianophobe (which is only worth his support for the aggression against Georgia in August 2008) and an equally ardent “Armenianophile” than the writer Amiram Grigorov. And, what is most interesting, this person, who was born in Baku, by origin from the Tats, the Jewish religion (while he, judging by his posts, also clearly dislikes Ashkenazi Jews, as well as Russians).


During the entire period of the Second Karabakh War, Amiram Grigorov simply refined his hatred of Azerbaijan and support of the Armenian occupiers, and for his racist statements towards Turks and Azerbaijanis, one of his accounts was forever "banned" on Facebook. But his blog remained on Telegram.


And just recently, disillusioned with the “great and brave Armenians” Amiram Grigorov published a very interesting post showing how the mood of those who until recently supported the Armenian nationalists in every possible way in their plans to build “Great Armenia” on foreign lands ( ):

“Still, there is a difference between Armenia and Georgia in the Caucasian conflicts. And big.

If Georgia did its best to keep Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but simply could not do it physically, due to the inequality of forces, then Armenia surrendered Artsakh treacherously, and this stain left on Armenian history forever, no matter what happened later, no matter what life there it never came. She handed over, although she could have kept, sacrificing a "better life." I passed it along with the lives of the people of "Artsakh".

If the territorial integrity of Georgia is recognized by the whole world, except for Nauru, Nicaragua, and Vanuatu, which means that potentially Georgia can return everything (in the context of a new global confrontation West-Russia, and knowing how such a previous confrontation ended, this does not seem fantastic), then Nobody recognizes the independence of "Artsakh", and Armenia will definitely not do this, since it did not do it earlier, therefore, "Artsakh" is lost forever.

Therefore, I am sure that if Georgia will sleep peacefully in the future, then Armenia is unlikely to do it. Years will pass, generations will change, and the children and grandchildren of these people who rode on electro-maydan, who waved flags and yelled "Nikol, Nikol", one day they will ask "Artsakh was once free, how have we lost it? "

“We sold it, Aziz-jan, so that we could eat it!”


Let's correct Mr. Grigorov. Yerevan did not sell "Artsakh" in any way and did not think to do it. He did his best to keep Karabakh under his occupation, but the forces of the degraded Armenian army were simply not enough for this, and Russia refused to fight for the Armenians and shed the blood of its soldiers for Armenian nationalist interests this time.


But it is still very symbolic that even a rabid Turkophobe and a hater of Azerbaijan admits that Nagorno-Karabakh or “Artsakh” in the terminology of Armenian nationalists is lost for Armenia forever. And he also has practically no doubts that Georgia will return to Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region (the so-called "South Ossetia"). Armenian nationalists should also realize this. Including those who illegally seized the houses and apartments of Georgians in Abkhazia, killing or expelling their owners, and now inviting “Artsakh” separatists to move to this Georgian land.




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