Armenian lobby began persecution of a Georgian Orthodox priest who denounced Armenian nationalists

02.02.21 10:15

The sermon of the priest of the Chiatura and Sachkhere dioceses, Archpriest Tadeoz Saralidze, delivered by him in the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos in the city of Chiatura on Sunday, January 23, 2021, and got into social networks, had a great resonance in Georgia. At the same time, the majority of Orthodox Georgians, rightly noting that in some ways the priest was incorrect, overly emotional, and mistaken, but on the main issue, regarding the intrigues of the Armenian lobby against Georgia, he was generally right.


So speaking about the activity and anti-Georgian activities of the Armenian lobby, Father Tadeoz stated the following:


“We have no weapons, we are unarmed, and they are still pushing us against Russia. Russia has nothing to do with it. I have explained many times and will say it again, and you must convey this to others: Lavrov and his Armenian gang are fighting with us from Moscow. 500-600 thousand Armenian millionaires are fighting from Europe, and Europe does not know Georgia at all. What does America know? They won't understand anything from the map. There are also Armenian millionaires in America, "Father Tadeoz noted in his sermon, adding" The territory of Abkhazia was ours, they said that they were returning to themselves "Great Armenia."


Also, in his sermon, Father Tadeoz, among other things, touched upon the activities of Armenian provocateurs who incite conflicts between Georgian Christians and Georgian Muslims (they had previously organized such provocations in Adjara, and now they tried to ignite a conflict on religious grounds in Guria, in the village of Buknari).


“I thank God, the people of Adjara, I thank both Muslims and Christians for the fact that they did not collide with each other,” said Father Tadeoz. And here his sermon is fundamentally different from the statements of the Armenian provocateurs and the "fifth column" who insultingly call Muslim Georgians "Turkish agents" and spread Islamophobia.


In general, in other parts of the sermon, Father Tadeoza, there were certainly controversial and controversial points. Also, being not indifferent to the fate of children and seeing the destructiveness of their hobby for smartphones and computers, Father Tadeoz spoke extremely emotionally about this.


After the harassment began in the media and social networks, Metropolitan Daniel of Chiatura and Sachkhere (Datuashvili) had to make a statement. The bishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church said he did not know that Saralidze's sermons were broadcast on Facebook.


“When I got acquainted, I really didn’t like it… As for a specific decision, we will act on the basis of church law,” Datuashvili told reporters.


In turn, Father Tadeoz Saralidze said that he repents and asks for forgiveness from his bishop for preaching on some topics without his blessing. At the same time, Father Tadeoz admitted that his statements were incorrect.


“This sermon was incorrect, got on the social network, and caused a lot of outrage in the society. I admit that mistakes were made in the national, social, and pedagogical terms, because of which I apologize to the Patriarch and the whole society, ”wrote Archpriest Tadeoz Saralidze.


Liberal NGOs and the Armenian lobby, in their persecution of the Georgian priest, were not satisfied with his apologies and demanded that he be defrocked and excommunicated from the Church. But the Patriarchate, fortunately, did not follow the lead of the blackmailers. Father Tadeosou was assigned the usual "church disciplinary punishment" in such cases - a penance in one of the monasteries.


“Based on public interest, we additionally inform you that in relation to the clergyman of the Chiatura and Sachkhera dioceses, Archpriest Tadeoz Saralidze, a church punishment (penance) has been imposed and he will be assigned to a monastery,” the Georgian Patriarchate said in a statement. The term of the monastic penance assigned to Saralidze has not been specified.


There is a hope that the true patriot of his country, Father Tadeoz, will quickly pass the penance and return to his flock in Chiatura. And in the future, it will be more cautious - realizing that any careless word or unverified information expressed can be used by ill-wishers to destabilize the internal situation in Georgia and "run over" the Georgian Orthodox Church. On the part of the same Armenian nationalists, who now absolutely illegally, but officially continue to claim 465 Georgian churches and shout to the whole world that the allegedly Georgian Orthodox Church is "obscurantist and xenophobic." Extra pretexts cannot be given to provocateurs and enemies of Orthodoxy in Georgia.


It is clear that now there is no shortage of filth and accusations against Father Tadeoz. But our publication - "Caucasus Pole" - would like to become his "advocate" and say a few words in his defense of the priest, whose soul aches for Georgia.


What misfortunes and calamities the Armenian nationalists have brought to Georgia and how they continue to weave intrigues and conspiracies against Georgia and the Georgian people, supporting separatism and sowing discord, organizing provocations, cannot but worry the Georgian patriots. Even if they do not know all the subtleties, even if they do not have all the reliable information on many political issues, such people often cannot remain silent and express their painful feelings emotionally enough. Father Tadeoz is one of them.


Such people have an understanding of the disasters caused to Georgia by the fratricidal war in Abkhazia unleashed "under the direction" of the Armenian lobby, accompanied by ethnic cleansing and atrocities by separatists and Armenian militants against the civilian population. It is possible that people like Tadeoz are simply afraid of a repetition of the genocide of their own people. Moreover, knowing full well that the Georgian lands have already been included in the "Great Armenia" and the corresponding maps are being published. And where “great Armenia came (as it was not long ago in the occupied Azerbaijani Karabakh), not a single representative of the non-Armenian ethnic group remained.


The emotionality of such caring people, their exaggeration, errors in statements, and inaccuracies can be forgiven. Moreover, Father Tadeoz officially apologized to those whom he hurt and offended with his overly harsh and emotional statements.


However, someone should still warn the Georgian people about the real danger of the Armenian lobby and Nazism, which cost tens and hundreds of thousands of lives not only to the Georgian but also to the Turkish and Azerbaijani peoples.



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