A monument to the Nazi Nzhdeh "under the protection of Russian peacekeepers" was erected on Azerbaijani soil

28.01.21 11:20

On January 26, 2011, it became obvious that Armenian nationalists are not only preparing for a new war, with the aim of taking revenge and recapturing the Azerbaijani lands but also involving Russian peacekeepers in it, meanly and cynically. In the city of Khojavend, where on November 15, 2020, observation post No. 8 of the peacekeeping contingent of the armed forces of the Russian Federation was placed to the Nazi executioner Garegin Nzhdeh, a pompous monument was erected.


The idea and financing of the creation of the monument to Nazi Nzhdeh was originally a "merit" of the director of the construction company "Ferzit" Artur Khachatryan. The sculptor is Armen Petrosyan. Construction on the bust began in early 2020 and was slated to open in September of that year. The war prevented the glorification of the Nazis in the then still occupied Azerbaijani lands.


Recall that as of November 9, 2020, there were battles on the outskirts of Khojaved, and most of the population left it. With the deployment of peacekeepers in the city, the Armenian population partially returned. And first of all, the provocateurs erect a monument to the Nazi!


As if there are no other problems for the Armenian population of Karabakh! As if they do not need to get used to a peaceful life in Azerbaijan and gradually begin integration into the Azerbaijani society!


Those. those who erect a monument to the Nazi executioner definitely need a war. The provocateurs do not give a damn about what will happen to the "Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh", about whom they "worry" in words. In reality, the presence of Armenians in Azerbaijani territories is just an excuse for them not only to keep Russian peacekeepers here with false theses that allegedly the Armenians are threatened by “genocide”. For them, this is an occasion to force the same Russian peacekeepers to become defenders of the Nazi monument, to spit on the graves of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought against Nazism.


There is no doubt that after the monument to the Nazi Nzhdeh, the installation of which was forced to guard the Russian peacekeepers, there will be new provocations. Bloody by the Nazis. And they will definitely try to draw Russians and Russia into them. Although not a single nation suffered as much from Nazism as the Russians, perhaps the Jews who survived the Holocaust, in which the same Nzhdeh took an active part.


Khojavend in Soviet times was renamed in honor of the nickname of one of the Bolshevik-Dashnak revolutionaries-executioners Myasnikyan (friend of another executioner Shaumyan) in “Martuni”. Although, after the First Karabakh War, Armenian nationalists wanted to rename Khojavend again and call it Monteaberd after the terrorist Monte Melkonyan, even the separatist authorities of Artsakh did not support this idea at that time. Now it cannot be ruled out that the provocateurs will "rename" Khojavend, if not in honor of Melkonyan, then in honor of the Nazi Nzhdeh. This is another proof that both the Azerbaijani administration and the Azerbaijani police should start working in Khojaved as soon as possible. If with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers, in the same Khojwand, the full-fledged work of the Azerbaijani administration were now being established, then there would be no talk of any glorification of the Nazis and Nazism.


Russian journalist, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza stressed that the installation by Armenian revenge-seekers and separatists of a monument to Nazi Garegin Nzhdeh in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers is a slap in the face of Russia and all countries of the anti-Hitler coalition.


"Garegin Nzhdeh is a Nazi collaborator, a war criminal convicted by a Soviet military tribunal for helping the Germans prepare and send sabotage and terrorist groups to commit terrorist acts and sabotage on the territory of the Soviet Union, including against peaceful Soviet people in the rear of Krasnaya He was not shot only for the reason that then the death penalty in the USSR was abolished, received a long prison sentence and died in prison ... in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers. Therefore, this is a slap in the face of both Russia and Azerbaijan and the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition. This monument should be immediately dismantled, bulldozed along with the pedestal. This absolutely disgusting action should not be left without attention and appropriate reaction, " Igor Korotchenko.


The expert stressed that the Armenian activists in Karabakh should focus their efforts on the transition to a peaceful life in the new conditions, and not on subversive activities against Russian and Azerbaijani efforts to stabilize the South Caucasus in the post-war era.


"I believe that this is a large-scale provocation. Unfortunately, instead of peacefully integrating and living within Azerbaijan, the organizers of this provocation continue to take an unconstructive position. This is an insult to both Azerbaijan and Russia," Igor Korotchenko said.


According to the expert, such provocations are being promoted by revanchist forces in Armenia. "This is done by people who dream of a new war. Instead of rebuilding Armenia within its internationally recognized borders, they are engaged in undermining the peace process. The monument to Garegin Nzhdeh is part of that vicious nationalist ideology, which includes dreams of Great Armenia, and claims to national exclusivity when Hitler's criminals are elevated to the rank of national heroes, "Igor Korotchenko recalled.


At the same time, it should be added that the glorification of Nzhdeh and his ideology ruins the Armenian people itself. His ideology "Tsegakron" is the most rabid Nazism and racism. But not only this and not only his bloody deeds in the service of Hitler, including participation in the Holocaust, noted Nzhdeh. He is set as an example for “young Armenians”, but after all, Nzhdeh was actually a geek and a murderer, and from the point of view of normal human life, everything was perverted with him. Nzhdeh did not have a family, and what real "preferences" this bloody maniac had, this photograph, taken in 1912, shows well:



Meanwhile, the Armenian people are dying out. Every year there are fewer and fewer Armenians. And here, instead of instructing young people to create normal families, live and work peacefully, getting along with other peoples, there is a real propaganda of "self-genocidal" values: Kim Kardashian for girls, and Garegin Nzhdeh for young men. If everything continues like this, the Armenians will simply disappear from the face of the earth. Moreover, the involvement of Armenia with provocations into new insane and senseless wars for foreign lands (which Armenians will no longer be able to populate!) Will only accelerate this process.




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