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The separatism is the global evil. There is no country, in one part of the world, any people to which separatist movements would bring something other except hostility, ruin, blood, ethnic cleansing, economic degradation.


Everywhere since Europe (the former Yugoslavia) finishing with Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia) separatist movements led only to wars and disasters.


Especially the separatism is dangerous in such difficult region as South Caucasus with its unique on a global scale, historically developed cultural and ethnic mosaic and long traditions when the people of different origin and religion peacefully got on with each other.

It is possible to destroy the harmony developed for centuries by means of separatism  very quickly. But then it is very difficult to restore it. All the more so, if separatists consciously go for shedding of blood, crimes against humanity, genocide by the ethnic principle.


The separatism is closely connected with such problem of the present as terrorism. Almost all separatist movements justify terror methods that in itself gives extremely dangerous "infectious" examples. Many of them nationalist and separatist were terrorist from the very beginning.

At the same time, separatism primarily affects those peoples who are infected with this dangerous virus. It is not a secret to anyone that the situation with demography, economy, and culture is the worst in the South Caucasus region today for Armenians, Abkhazians and Ossetians - that is, peoples who fell victim to the foolish nationalist-separatist propaganda of their irresponsible leaders.


It could not have been otherwise - it is impossible to build the happiness of one’s people by expelling, robbing or humiliating another people. Especially if, for the sake of this, you have to “cut across the living” families, set a neighbor against a neighbor, and induce the harshest and basest feelings in people - what the separatists do.

The website Kavkazplus consistently fights against separatism in South Caucasus in all its manifestations as against the absolute evil. There can be no reconciliation with separatism and terrorism.


So far the separatism is not eradicated at the people which are infected with it, there will be no prospects neither in political, nor in economic life. Kind of their leaders did not try to provide "the international recognition" and "legalization" created in the criminal way, on blood and a grief of millions of people of separatist pseudo-educations.

The separatism bears some huge danger not only to South Caucasus, but also to neighboring countries and regions. First of all, for multinational Russia whose management, unfortunately, shortsightedly supports separatist "projects" which, eventually, can turn back "boomerang" against the most Russian Federation.


Only separatism eradication, restoration of territorial integrity of the states in international and recognized borders to allow to resolve return of refugees completely all conflicts in the region of South Caucasus and will create prerequisites for development of the countries of the region.



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