Opposition Citizens party to enter parliament if ruling party amends Election Code, releases political prisoners

14.01.21 13:30

If we have to enter the parliament alone, we will do it. The country is in downfall,” leader of the Citizens party Aleko Elisashvili said live on Palitra News TV.


The host asked the opposition representative whether the Citizens party would wait for the rest of the opposition to decide on taking up mandates if the Georgian Dream releases political prisoners, and changes the election administration and the electoral system. Elisashvili responded the Citizens would wait for none.


Elisashvili also added that GD founder Bidzina Ivanishvili’s retirement from politics brought him closer to entering parliament if he left indeed.


“The opposition needs to wake up. It should be where the people have chosen it to be. We should not be in the endless anticipation of the fifth round of negotiations. But the ruling team has to pay a certain political price. If the Georgian Dream releases political prisoners, fundamentally amends the CEC, and carries out the electoral reform, we would no longer be waiting for anyone to enter. We will enter alone,” Elisashvili said.




source: 1TV

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