NGOs rally at parliament to support students

13.01.21 15:35

Movement For the People and the organization Progress Center staged a theatricalized rally at the parliament building.


The leader of the For the People movement, Ana Dolidze, said the rally supports the status-suspended students.


“The number of students suspended from their status due to the financial crisis is at an all-time high in Georgia. We are facing a grave social problem. Every second student of seventy-six thousand is left without higher education because they lost the student status due to unpaid education fees. It happened due to the economic crisis amid the pandemic. A month ago, I addressed the Education Committee and the Parliament with a legislative proposal to solve this social problem by halving the education fees for 76 thousand people. Unfortunately, we got no feedback. Today we request to attend the meeting of the Education Committee scheduled for January 18. If this is a democracy, then students and professors should be able to attend and participate in this discussion,” said Ana Dolidze.




source: 1TV


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