According to Ekaterine Tikaradze, shopping malls and markets will open up from February 1, but the lifting of restrictions will not apply to all areas

13.01.21 13:40

According to the Minister of Health, Ekaterine Tikaradze, shopping malls and markets will open up from February 1.

"At this stage, we are working with the business, because we had a quite good experience opening it for the New Year. During this period we observed how effective we were during the opening period and were able to meet all the established requirements to ensure that the infection is contained and not spread at the shops. We have refined these approaches, we have to communicate with them in order to make the trade network even more safe and to firstly open the trade network during the opening period of the economy. Meetings will continue in this regard, we plan to open shopping centers and malls by February 1, after that we will have discussion with other representatives of the business, where we will use the same format which will be successful in trade networks. Specifically, whether transport will start operating and which field will be opened next - we will discuss it at the end of January, when we have more clarity, what regulations we will impose specifically in each business and which regulation will be most effective", - stated Tikaradze adding that "not all areas will be opened."




source: IPN 



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