Tbilisi Central director says malls will be opened from February 1

12.01.21 15:45

As of today, shopping malls will be opened in compliance with the regulations from February 1, however, employees will have to be tested for coronavirus.


As Levan Karalashvili, director of Tbilisi Central, told InterPressNews, how the employees of shopping facilities will be tested has not been specified yet.

"We talked about the additional regulations after the opening of shops, including the introduction of testing for employees of shopping facilities. The government does not see a problem with opening malls from the first of February, considering the successful work performed from December 24 to January 2, when shops coped well with that short opening. Nothing new has been discussed at the meeting at the governmental administration other than testing”, said Levan Karalashvili.


According to him, February 1 is the exact date of opening of malls, although public transport is unlikely to open yet.



source: IPN 

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